South Korean company Digital Media for Brain and Health (DMBH) might have just struck gold with golf loving executives with their latest virtual golfing robot known as InBirdie, which is touted to be a world’s first. This putting robot isn’t too new though, having made its debut at the 2005 Aichi Expo in Japan, although you can be sure that vast improvements have been made to it since then. The InBirdie is more than able to join human players in a round of virtual golf simply by judging the remaining distance between the ball and hole alongside the inclination. It will then go about positioning itself correctly, hitting the ball with a pre-calculated intensity. Features include built-in speakers and touchscreen display, not to mention helping it connect with humans thanks to its ability to show off a range of emoticon-like facial expressions with the LED array in its head. Operational for a couple of hours before needing a recharge, we are sure that all pointy haired bosses out there are already trying to justify blowing the office’s budget on purchasing this for their personal pleasure.

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