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ANA Demonstrates Cutting-Edge Telepresence Tech
ANA, a major Japanese Airline, is throwing its weight behind telepresence technologies such as avatar-style robots, but also advanced technology that can relay much more than mere visual and audio information. We are CEATEC 2019 in Tokyo, Japan

Washington To Allow Delivery Robots On Sidewalks
You may soon start seeing delivery robots on the sidewalk in Washington. It has actually become the eighth state in the country to allow the use of delivery robots on crosswalks and sidewalks. The bill has been signed into law by Governor Jay Inslee so it’s as official as it can be. Virginia was the first to allow delivery robots back in 2017 with states like Ohio, Utah, and Arizona […]

FedEx Shows Off Its Autonomous Delivery Robot
Many companies big and small have been experimenting with autonomous delivery robots. You can now add logistics giant FedEx to the list. The company has announced its new FedEx SameDay Bot. It’s an autonomous robot which the company says will be able to make “last mile” deliveries more efficient. These kind of robots will primarily be put to use for short-range deliveries.

Cubroid Modular Robotics To Teach Coding
When I was in Seoul recently, I met with Mark Jaekwang Shin, the CEO of CUBROID, a startup that is working on a modular robot design based on cubes that can be assembled to form more complex mechanisms. CUBROID is taking an educational approach and its native compatibility with LEGO makes makes it stand out against competitors.


Ubergizmo Best of CES 2017Editor's Pick
Out of the tens of thousands of new products, applications and services introduced at CES, here are the ones who caught our eyes. Although CES 2017 is incredibly diverse, many of the products represented here show strong underlying trends that are of interest to us: Televisions keep evolving very rapidly, with display and processor becoming separated. The PC industry experiences important growth & Innovation, especially in the gaming segment WiFi […]

LG Rolling Bot Wants To Entertain Your Pets
Under the moto “Play”, LG has launched a series of really interesting companion devices along its LG G5 high-end phone. One of my favorites is the LG Rolling Bot, a spherical-shaped robot that can stay home and act as a surveillance robot, or “care” for your pets, according to LG.

U.S. Military Gives Up On Robot Because It's Too Loud
The pack mule robot by Boston Dynamics, a Google company that recently wished us all a terrifying Merry Christmas, was being put through field testing by the United States military. The robot was meant to make it easy for military personnel to carry heavy equipment in the field however the military is giving up on this robot not because it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do because it’s just […]

Softbank CEO: Machines 1M Times More Powerful Than Human Brain In 30yrs
In Tokyo, Japan, Masayoshi Son shared his vision for the future of robotics and the Internet of Things. He estimates that within 30 years, machines will have hardware which will be 1M times more powerful than the human brain (which is an amazing electro-mechanical computer). At the same time, the Intellectual Quotient (IQ) for computers will top 10,000 – vs 100 for the average human, and around 200 for geniuses […]

U.S. And Japan Agree To Giant Robot Fight
Many of you might still be celebrating the fact that the U.S. has beaten Japan in the Women’s World Cup but now you have another match to look forward to, interestingly it doesn’t involve soccer players, this match will primarily be between giant robots. MegaBots Inc. from the U.S. had challenged Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industry to a giant robot duel, a challenge which the latter has now formally accepted. It’s on!

Privacy Features To Be Embedded In Humanoid Robots
I guess it goes without saying that for humans to interact with humanoid robots is a whole lot easier and emotionally involving compared to a regular, traditional robot that we know it as. Having said that, it seems that researchers from Oxford are working to embed privacy features in humanoid robots as part of an exercise to explore the various methods that robots have privacy embedded into their design so […]

Robot Bodies Could Make You “Immortal” By 2035
Robot bodies could eventually let your consciousness live on forever.

Disabled Cat Gets Wheelie Legs From Student Robot Club
Cats might not be man’s best friend, but there is a segment of the population who love all things feline as well. Flipper, whom you see in the video above, is a cat who was born with a twisted spine, and that basically sucks since she is unable to walk with all fours being on the same plane. That translates to a disabled cat, one that has to drag her […]

Man Vs. Machine In Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots Cage Match
Now that the supposed Apocalypse has come and gone, hopefully you made it through the day without actually experiencing any sort of rapture-like world-changing events and are back at home, safe and sound. Today, mankind has, yet again, come out on top, but stay alert, my friends. Even though the world didn’t end today doesn’t mean we’re safe. We may not have succumbed to Mayan prophecy, but we all know […]

PacX Wave Glider Swimming Robot Arrives At Australia
The human spirit is definitely something worth celebrating, especially when it comes to achieving feats which were previously thought of as impossible – such as the four minute mile. Well, when it comes to robots’ performances, these do not really get that much fanfare in the first place, partly because there is no human spirit to talk about here. Still, we do not want to take the gloss off the […]