Lenovo T420, T420sLenovo has announced the T420 laptop earlier tonight and while it looks like a regular Lenovo from the outside, the T420 has a unique combination of lightness (<4lbs) and battery life. According to Lenovo, it can hold for up to 30hrs with a secondary battery installed. That’s a unique feature that can be extremely useful to those who absolutely need to be on – far away from a plug.


The other thing that is unique to the T420 model is the noise-canceling functions that can either block the ambient noise, or the keyboard noise. If you’ve been conferencing often enough, you know how annoying it is to hear someone typing heavily on the call :)

As it is the case with other Lenovo computers, the T420 should boot in 30 seconds (at least when it’s new and clean), thanks to the Lenovo Enhanced Experience and optimizations that Lenovo did to its Windows installation.

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