AT&T has announced the pricing of the Motorola Atrix (the standard $199), but also of the Atrix Laptop Dock, which is priced at $499.99 as a stand-alone device. The Motorola Atrix is a powerful dual-core phone that has a unique ability to run a full-blown Linux operating system when connected to the Laptop Dock, or the Multimedia Dock from Motorola. The Laptop dock is a “shell” with a display and battery which is ready to receive the Atrix as the “brain”.

While the idea is very good, the pricing is not. The combination of a $199 smartphone with a $499 creates a $700 device that has the bulk of a small laptop, but most definitely not the performance and the software compatibility of a $499 Windows laptop. Palm tried this before with the Foleo, and even if the Atrix Laptop Dock is cooler, its pricing will prove to be its demise. We liked the previous $150 rumor much better, although it was proven to be unrealistic. What do you think? Is $499 too high for the Atrix Laptop Dock (official product page)?

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