We’ve uploaded some real-world pic of the Motorola Atrix, and we’re going back to fish some more, but this looks very interesting. At first glance, the phone design is good, but we’ll get back to you in a few moment… Update: More photos have been uploaded to the gallery.

First impression: the phone does seem very fast, and that’s not surprising, given that it runs on a Dual-Core Tegra 2 that we previously covered. Motorola did a good job of building the software that turns the handset into a smartbook. The integration is very well done, and the presence of a full web browser makes this actually interesting (as opposed to having the usual mobile browser limitations, but on a larger screen).

The quality of the handset itself is comparable toother Motorola product, so if you have seen a Droid 2, I would say that the manufacturing is at about the same level. Desktop mode” performance: In desktop mode, the browser definitely works with popular websites and should even work with Hulu and other content sites as Flash video performance is not a problem. The responsiveness of the rest (open new tab…) is comparable to an entry-level Netbook.

There as a Citrix demo (a virtualization platform) that was particularely interesting: Citrix on Android lets users run Windows application via a remote server. A ton of people already use this – for data safety reason- and it worked very well tonight.

We’ll have to try the phone for some time before we can conclude to anything, but the concepts presented tonight caught our attention. Now, there’s also the matter of pricing. Motorola did not elude to it, but the success of the laptop dock will have a lot to do with how affordable it will be. Does anyone remember the Palm Folio?

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