Google MapsGoogle has just launched a new version of their Maps app for the Android operating system. Bringing the version up to 5.3, Google Maps for Android packs some new features that would make any check-in fanatic happy. Google Maps now has a Google Location History dashboard, the ability to check in at “home” and the function to add your own aspects for places when rating them. The Location History dashboard basically records where you’ve been over the past few weeks – so you can keep tabs on where you’ve been in case you’ve had an exciting week you wanted to right about, but you forgot some spots at the end of the trip. The history is only for you to see, and will not be shared with anyone else, plus you have the ability to delete it anytime. Users can now mark a location as their “home”, which Google Latitude will record how long you spend at home, and if you choose to, it can also alert your friends that you’re back at home. And as for the improvement to the rating system, you’ll be able to add your own aspects when rating a spot – i.e. if there’s no rating for music at a place, you can easily add music, rate it and share it with the world. If you’d like to update Google Maps on your Android device, just head to the Android Market and grab it from there for free.

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