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Google Earth Adds New Creation Tools To Help You Create Your Own Story
Google Earth is usually the go-to place on the Internet if you want a real-world view of a place to research. Not just for travelers to explore places, you can get a great deal of information through it.However, the information was limited, until now. Google has added new creation tools for Google Earth that lets you create your own maps and stories to share with the world.For instance, you have […]

Google Maps Might Let You Share ETA Soon
There is one particular question that has continued to plague parents regardless of the time or era in which they live, be it during the ancient days when walking or getting up and about on camels, or riding in a cart, or simply driving around in the most modern vehicle – “Are we there yet?”. This can get rather irritating after a while, but there are times when the journey […]

Online Map Depicts Transgender-Friendly Bathrooms In North Carolina
Talk about thinking out of the box – it looks like North Carolina, a state with a restrictive bathroom law, could be worked around through an unofficial resource that will display transgender-friendly bathrooms throughout the state. MIT web designer Emily Rae Waggoner has come up with a Google map which will be able to assist one to hunt down transgender-friendly bathrooms in the state of North Carolina.

MAPS.ME, Crowd-Sourced Mobile Map App Launches Walking Directions
MAPS.ME is a free offline maps and navigation application for iOS and Android that was first  launched as Maps With Me in 2010 and acquired by last November.Today, MAPS.ME launched its Walking Directions feature, that allows hikers as well as urban users to find the best way to reach their destination.According to founder Yury Melnichek, MAPS.ME is the best visualization application for mobile for open location data provided by OpenStreetMap, […]


Apple Vans Spotted Gathering Data For In-House Mapping Database
As it stands, Apple relies very heavily on third-party mapping information for its Maps service. This means that as far as the accuracy of the information is concerned, Apple is pretty much at the mercy of these third-party services such as TomTom and also on user submitted reports and corrections.This is compared to Google who constantly has vehicles on the road to collect and update their own in-house mapping database. […]

Apple Job Listing Confirms Public Transit Info Coming To Maps Service
One of the many advantages that Google Maps has over Apple Maps is that it comes with public transit information, allowing users to search for routes and tracks as well as departure and arrival times. This will come in handy for users who rely on public transport heavily. However it looks like Apple could be bringing that feature to its Map service soon.

Apple Maps Updated With TripAdvisor And Reviews
Trying to find a nice place to stay while traveling can be tricky and relying on the reviews of other guests usually helps. This involves users opening up websites or apps such as TripAdvisor or to search for hotels and to check out the reviews left by other guests, but the good news is that those extra steps can now be saved.Apple has recently updated its Apple Maps app […]

HERE Maps Gets Worldwide Update
Nokia’s HERE Maps is certainly a force to be reckoned with – basically, being one of the major rivals to Google Maps when it comes to finding one’s way around, especially in unfamiliar territory. After all, one of the major advantages that Nokia’s HERE Maps have had for a long time would be its ability to navigate without the need for an Internet connection – useful stuff, especially when you […]

Mystery Apple Vans Most Probably Aligned To 3D Mapping Than Anything Else
It looks like the mystery surrounding some of Apple’s vans are not going to be too much of a puzzler to solve after all, where simple deduction would reveal that they are most certainly more suitable for 3D mapping purposes rather than autonomous driving, which has been pretty much the buzz that is going around after word came out that Apple is the company behind a slew of minivans equipped […]

Bing Venue Maps Lets You Navigate Through Stadiums
Getting around these days are a whole lot easier than ever before, especially when there is this thing known as GPS. Dedicated GPS navigation devices are just about extinct, as we rely on other apps like Google Maps to get around. Microsoft knows that this can be quite the lucrative sector, which is why their Bing Maps program ain’t too shabby at all, too. For those of you out there […]

Google Maps Updated To Version 9.3
It is without a doubt that an app like Google Maps happens to be one of the most popular Google apps that are being used at the moment, and part of the reason behind this would be the overall usefulness, public transport information, not to mention frequent updates that ensure you will not end up with outdated information to the best of Google’s ability. In fact, Google Maps has just […]

HERE Maps Downloaded 2.5 Million Times Via Google Play Store
If there is one major advantage about HERE Maps, it would be this – you can use it even if your device is offline, which means having maps of foreign countries pre-loaded onto a compatible device so that you can find your way around – all without having to rely on exorbitant roaming data fees charged by your mobile carrier back home, unless you’re tied down to a particular Uncarrier, […]

Google My Maps Arrives On Drive
It does not matter whether you are working on a plan for a road trip with your best friend, or if you happen to be mapping out a list of your favorite runs when it comes to a ski vacation, life is a whole lot easier in either scenario thanks to Google My Maps. Google My Maps happens to be Google’s very own custom map creation tool, and from today […]

Talking 3D Maps Help The Visually Impaired Get Around
A map is pretty much useless if you do not have good vision, or if you happen to be visually impaired. Having said that, a team of researchers from the University of Buffalo and Touch Graphics, Inc. decided to do something about this situation. The solution that they can think of? Specially designed 3D maps that will cater specifically for those who happen to suffer from poor vision.