Minebea Cool Leaf Keyboard


The folks over at Akihabara News managed to get their hands on the Minebea Cool Leaf Keyboard and tested it out. From their first impressions, they seem to be pretty positive about it, saying that typing on the keyboard is just like typing on an Android or iOS touchscreen tablet. The keyboard also supports multi-touch, enabling commands like CTRL + ALT + DEL, CTRL + C, and the likes. You can even tweak its sensitivity to be more or less sensitive, depending on your preference.

One thing they noticed about the keyboard is that it was built like a normal keyboard from the ground up – users won’t be able to easily change the way it functions by just changing the software – which is kind of weird, considering how it’s basically a just a touchscreen device. Regardless, the Cool Leaf Keyboard looks really cool, and it even functions as a mirror when turned off. But don’t expect to rest your fingers on top of the keys like you can do with current keyboards so it probably won’t be the ideal keyboard for gaming.

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