black ops record

According to Activision Blizzard, people spend more time playing Call of Duty: Black Ops than they do tagging pics, updating their statuses or poking people on Facebook. The claim is that on average gamers play Call of Duty: Black Ops for 58 minutes a day versus hanging on Facebook for 55 minutes a day.

It’s arguable where those stats came from, but still, that’s a lot of Call of Duty: Black Ops being played. This leads me to the question of the day: how many hours do you log into Black Ops? One hour? Three? Six?

One thing’s for sure, PlayStation 3 owners are logging zero hours of Black Ops on their consoles due to the ongoing PlayStation Network outage. That’s a stat that can’t be disputed. At the rate at which PSN will be restored, the next Call of Duty will be out!

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