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Facebook Wants iOS Users To Be Able To Change Their Default Messaging Apps
One of the new features that Apple introduced to iOS 14 is the ability to change certain default apps, such as your browser and email client. However, that’s pretty much where they stopped, but interesting enough, Facebook is pushing Apple to make further changes where they are hoping that Apple could be convinced to allow default messaging apps to be changed as well.

Facebook Will Soon Let Users Issue Takedown Requests Of Images
Platforms like Facebook and YouTube have rights management tools. This basically allows content creators to claim ownership of intellectual property that is being used in other content that they did not authorize, like music or video clips. However, it seems that Facebook is now expanding on that to include photos.

Facebook Testing Viewing Instagram Stories Directly On Its Platform
Facebook has long allowed Instagram users to post Stories on both Instagram and Facebook at the same time in a bid to help build momentum for Facebook Stories. However, the problem is that Instagram Stories shared to Facebook can only be viewed by your Facebook friends and followers, as opposed to Instagram followers.

Facebook Users In Australia Might Stop Seeing News Posts On Their Feed
Here’s a question: would you pay a platform like Facebook to promote your posts, or should Facebook pay you to publish your posts? We suppose that answer depends on how influential you are, and over in Australia, the country’s Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) drafted a proposal that would allow publishers to negotiate with the likes of Google and Facebook to get paid for including their news and articles in […]


You Will Soon Be Able To Read Your News Subscriptions Through Facebook
Facebook is used by many publishers to share links to their latest news and articles, but some publishers are behind a paywall and usually require a subscription or that users sign in. If you’re already subscribed, we imagine that this can get pretty annoying when you just want to read the news.

Apple Not Thrilled With Facebook’s ‘Transparency Message’ About The App Store
Right now, Apple’s App Store is under immense scrutiny. This is because of the 30% cut that Apple takes from things like in-app purchases, which companies like Epic weren’t too happy about. Now it seems that Facebook is wading into the drama as well as they are now claiming that Apple forced the company to remove a message that they put in their app.

iOS 14’s Privacy Features Could Halve Facebook’s Advertiser Revenue
Apple has long touted its stance on privacy and have introduced various privacy protection features in both iOS and macOS much to the annoyance of advertisers. It seems that the company doesn’t really seem too bothered by the outcry because iOS 14 is expected to introduce more of the same.

How To Quickly Delete Your Old Facebook Posts In Bulk
Need to clean up some of your old Facebook posts? If you’ve made a ton of postings over the years, this can be a tedious process, but the good news is that Facebook is now allowing users to delete their old posts in bulk.

Facebook’s ‘Classic’ Design Will Be Going Away In September
For the past few months, Facebook has been steadily rolling out its brand new design. However, given how many years Facebook has kept its old design, we’re sure that some users do prefer it or are more comfortable or familiar with it, which is why Facebook allowed users to switch back and forth between either design.

Facebook’s AI Will Generate MRI Images In Minutes
Even if you’ve never been in an MRI machine, chances are you might have seen it in use in television shows and movies. Usually this involves doctors telling patients that they’ll have to remain perfectly still in order for the machine to capture images, which can be a frustratingly slow process that can take as long as an hour.

Oculus Users Will Now Require You To Login With Facebook
With Oculus being owned by Facebook, it has actually been kind of surprising that there no requirements for Oculus users to log into the service and their accounts using Facebook. However, it turns out that it wasn’t really a matter of if, but more of a matter of when, because those are the changes that Facebook has recently announced.

Facebook Is Unifying Messenger With Instagram DMs
Facebook owns multiple communications apps. This includes Messenger, WhatsApp, and we suppose to a certain extent, Instagram through the direct messages feature. All of them exist by themselves, but back in 2019, it was suggested that Facebook was trying to find a way to potentially unify them where users could send messages cross-platform.

Facebook Warns Users Before They Share COVID-19 Articles
We are learning more about the coronavirus with each passing day, but there is actually still a lot that we do not know. For example, people who have recovered from the virus are still not necessarily back to 100% health, with many still feeling the side effects. Given our lack of knowledge, it can be easy to simply share articles related to the coronavirus that might not necessarily be 100% […]

Facebook Just Killed Its ‘Lite’ App
As there are some parts of the world where the greater population might not be able to afford high-end smartphones or have access to a fast and stable internet, it has resulted in app developers creating “Lite” versions of their apps that provide a faster, albeit pared down, version of the full app.