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Facebook Launches New Ads To Convince You That Tracking Is A Good Thing
It’s no surprise that Facebook isn’t thrilled with the various privacy changes that Apple has implemented and plans to implement. So much so that the company has since published a video ad in which they seem to want to try and convince the public that tracking users and their activity for personalized ads is actually a good thing.

Facebook Just Banned Australians From Sharing And Viewing News On Its Platform
Australia is currently trying to pass a law in which it would make it so that websites like Facebook and Google would have to pay news publishers in order to use their posts on their platforms. Unfortunately for Australians, it seems that Facebook isn’t interested in doing that and the company has since banned users in Australia from viewing or sharing news on its platform.

Mark Zuckerberg Told Facebook To ‘Inflict Pain’ On Apple
Apple and Facebook don’t exactly have the best relationship at the moment. Facebook, over the years, has come under fire for its data collection practices. Apple, on the other hand, has been doing everything they can to protect its users’ privacy, which is pretty much at odds with Facebook.

Facebook Is Reportedly Developing Its Own Smartwatch
When it comes to hardware, Facebook has admittedly fallen short many times. The company has tried to make its own smartphone in the past but that didn’t really pan out, and the company also tried to make its own smart display, which we imagine would have been welcome but given the company’s privacy issues, it’s not surprising that some people were wary about it.


Microsoft Thinks The US Government Should Make Big Tech Companies Pay For News
It’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation right now when it comes to news publishers and platforms like Google and Facebook. One could argue that without Google or Facebook, publishers might have less reach than they would today. Another argument is that without these articles, Google or Facebook would have less content that would make their services so invaluable.

Facebook Could Be Developing Its Own Clubhouse Alternative
There is a new social media platform in town and it’s called Clubhouse. We’re sure that many of you have heard about it and it’s starting to gain quite a bit of traction. So much so that a report from the New York Times has revealed that Facebook could be looking to nip the competition in the bud early by building its own alternative.

You Can Now Chat With Friends In VR Using Facebook Messenger
Virtual reality is a fun piece of technology. It immerses people into virtual worlds which is great for gaming. We’ve also seen how it can be therapeutic, and now if you happen to own an Oculus VR headset, it seems that Facebook has finally integrated its Messenger service into the platform.

Facebook Thinks They Can Convince iOS Users To Let Themselves Be Tracked
Apple is expected to roll out its app tracking transparency feature this coming spring. For those unfamiliar, this is a feature that will prompt users when an app tries to track them and asks if they will allow it to happen. While tracking has been around for a while, this new feature basically gives users the option to opt out of it if they feel uncomfortable.

Facebook Could Be Developing A Newsletter Tool For Indie Writers
If you’re a small-time journalist or an indie writer that’s trying to gain an audience, manage subscriptions, and keeping in touch with your fans and followers, Facebook could have something in the works for you. A report from The New York Times has indicated that the company could be developing a newsletter feature aimed at such writers.

Facebook Wants To Sue Apple Over iOS 14’s Privacy Features
As some of you might be aware, Apple is expected to introduce a new feature in a future update of iOS 14 that will allow users to opt out of tracking in apps. This means that users will be prompted and given a choice as to whether or not they want to allow apps to track them across other apps and websites.

Facebook Users’ Phone Numbers Are Being Sold Through A Telegram Bot
If you ever associated your phone number with your Facebook account in the past couple of years, then you might want to take note that there is a chance your phone number could be shopped around online. This is according to a report from Motherboard in which they are reporting that a Telegram bot is selling access to a database containing these phone numbers.

WhatsApp Phone Numbers Can Be Found On Google
WhatsApp’s latest proposed privacy policy changes have been met with a lot of backlash since it seems like the company will be handing over even more of your data to Facebook. Unfortunately, it looks like WhatsApp might have another privacy issue on their hands, where it appears that WhatsApp phone numbers can be searched on Google.

WhatsApp Has Delayed Its Privacy Policy Change
Earlier this month, it was reported that WhatsApp would be implementing a new privacy policy that would essentially allow them to share data with Facebook. This has led to a lot of confusion as many were unaware of what exactly WhatsApp would be sharing, and many assumed the worst, which led to WhatsApp publishing an FAQ.

WhatsApp Publishes FAQ On Its Data Sharing With Facebook
As many of you might have heard by now, WhatsApp is expected to begin sharing data with Facebook starting next month. Prior to this, WhatsApp had given users the option to opt out, but now it seems like it’s either you agree to WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, or you find yourself another app to use.

Signal Messaging App Sees Boost In Signups Following Changes To WhatsApp’s Policy
As many of you might have heard by now, WhatsApp has made some changes to its privacy policy where it basically says that your data will be shared with Facebook. The company did previously allow users to opt out of the data-sharing a while ago, but now it looks like it’s either you share your data or you stop using the app.

WhatsApp Will Soon Begin Sharing Data With Facebook
Given the number of users on WhatsApp, it is no doubt a treasure trove of information for companies like Facebook that thrive on user information to help sell personalized ads. For those worried about WhatsApp sharing data with Facebook, it looks like your nightmare is about to come true.

Even Facebook’s Employees Don’t Believe The Company’s Attack On Apple Is Justified
Facebook had recently taken out on ad on Apple in which they criticized an upcoming feature in iOS that would give users the option of preventing apps from tracking them across other apps and websites. The company claims that this could affect small businesses who might rely on targeted ads to bring attention to their business and products.

The New Instagram Lite App Only Comes In At 2MB
Not all countries around the world have access to fast and stable internet, this is why some companies have developed “lite” versions of their apps that have a smaller footprint to appeal to users living in such regions. Now it looks like Instagram is back with its new “lite” app that weighs in at an impressive 2MB.

Facebook Messenger, Instagram Functionality Limited In Europe
If you live in Europe and you use Facebook messaging and social media platforms like Messenger or Instagram, you might have noticed that you are seeing a message about how those apps are now having some limited functionality. If you do, you’re not alone because it seems that this is applied to all users in Europe.

Apple Responds To Facebook’s Ad, Says They’re Standing Up For Their Users
As some of you might have heard, come 2021 Apple is expected to introduce some new privacy features that will prevent iOS users from being tracked across the web. This is a good thing, but it’s also a bad thing for advertisers who use these types of personal identifiable information to create targeted ads.