Facebook’s Cryptocurrency ‘GlobalCoin’ Expected To Launch Next Year

Facebook is working on a digital currency of its own and a new report claims that the company will launch it at some point next year. Internally referred to as “GlobalCoin,” the company is expected to provide more details about its cryptocurrency later this summer. It may even begin testing the GlobalCoin towards the end of this year.

Fugitive Offers To Turn Himself In If His Wanted Poster Gets 15,000 Likes

Jose Simms, a man considered a fugitive in Connecticut, has negotiated the rather interesting terms of his surrender with the Torrington Police Department. He promised to turn himself in if the wanted poster put up by the department on its official Facebook page got 15,000 likes.

WhatsApp Confirms That Ads Will Start To Show Up In 2020

Despite WhatsApp having been around for years and with Facebook paying a whopping $16 billion to acquire them, the company has yet to figure out how exactly monetize the app. Previously, WhatsApp could be bought as a one-off purchase, and later it was suggested that this could be an annual subscription, but ultimately the app ended up being completely free.

Facebook Further Tweaks News Feed To Make It More Relevant To You

In the early days of Facebook, how the News Feed was sorted was from the newest first, meaning that the latest posts from friends and pages you follow surfaced at the top of the feed. However, over the years, Facebook has opted to use a more algorithmic approach where they surface posts that they think are the most relevant to you.


Facebook Introduces Some Restrictions For Live Video Streaming

You can instantly stream live video on Facebook with the Facebook Live feature and following the horrific terrorist attack in New Zealand which was streamed live on the platform, the world’s largest social network is now rolling out some restrictions for Facebook Live. The company says that it has been reviewing what more it can do to limit its services from being used to spread hate, hence these restrictions.

Facebook Increasing Pay For Contract Workers In North America

Facebook has announced today that it’s increasing the hourly pay rate for thousands of its contract workers in North America. The base rate that the company pays its contractors is being increased from $15 per hour to $18. There will also be marginally higher rates than this in cities where the costs of living are higher, up to $22 per hour in some cities.

Facebook Co-Founder Wants The Social Network To Be Broken Up

Facebook is the biggest social network on the planet and no other service has the kind of reach and influence that it boasts. This has obviously led to concerns about competition in the marketplace, with some calling for the social network to be broken up. Joining those calls is one of Facebook’s co-founders Chris Hughes.

Facebook Is Coming For Fake News Posted On Instagram

Facebook has been working on clamping down on fake news published to its platform, and now it looks like they’ll be going after fake news posts shared on Instagram as well. While Instagram might not necessarily have the same fake news problem as Facebook, the fact that it is a social media platform means that it gives users a place to potentially spread fake news.

Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Platform May Take On Apple Pay

It was first reported last year that Facebook is developing a cryptocurrency of its own which would be backed by the U.S. dollar. Users will reportedly be able to transfer the coin to each other over WhatsApp. A new report mentions that Facebook’s plan for its stablecoin, a cryptocurrency that’s backed by an actual currency, go far beyond what was initially expected.

Facebook’s FTC Settlement May Include Independent Privacy Oversight

Facebook has been the subject of a Federal Trade Commission investigation into its privacy practices following the Cambridge Analytica scandal and other incidents. Earlier reports have suggested that the company could be looking at a multi-billion dollar fine. A new report suggests that the terms of its settlement may also include independent oversight of Facebook’s privacy practices.

Facebook Will Soon Let Users Chat Across Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp

Earlier this year, it was rumored that Facebook could be looking to unify some of its apps. This included WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger where the idea was that by unifying them, users could chat across them all at once. This is versus the current situation where each app is standalone and more or less separate from each other.

Facebook Shows Off Upcoming Redesign, Will Include Dark Mode For Web

If you’re getting a bit bored of the way Facebook looks, you’re in luck because at the company’s annual F8 developer conference, they took the wraps off what appears to be a brand new upcoming design that they will be rolling out across all platforms, including mobile and the web versions of Facebook.

Facebook’s New ‘Secret Crushes’ Feature Makes You Feel Like You’re Back In High School

Last year, Facebook introduced Facebook Dating which is pretty much as the name suggests. Given how Facebook already has such a huge established user base, it made sense that they would try to leverage it in this manner. Now it seems that the company is rolling out new features to its Dating section.

Facebook Messenger App For Desktop Coming This Year

Facebook Messenger has seen incredible improvement and growth ever since Facebook made the decision to unbundle it from the main app. The functionality has been enhanced considerably over the past few years and the company is now fulfilling a consistent demand from users. It’s going to release a dedicated Facebook Messenger app for the desktop.