Facebook & NYU Researchers Want To Use AI To Speed Up MRI Scans

We’ve all seen it on TV or in movies, where sometimes when a character needs to undergo an MRI scan, they get a bit worried namely because these MRI machines can be loud and also confined, which is of course not doing anyone with claustrophobia any favors. However researchers from Facebook and NYU’s School of Medicine want to help improve on that.

Federal Complaint Filed Against Facebook Over Discriminatory Housing Ads

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has formally filed a complaint against Facebook for discriminatory housing ads. The company has faced these allegations in the past and now this official complaint will only make matters worse for the social network. It has been accused of violating the Fair Housing Act.

U.S. Government Reportedly Wants Facebook To Break Messenger Encryption

The U.S. government has reportedly been trying to get Facebook to break the encryption in its Messenger app in an ongoing criminal probe so that the law enforcement agencies can listen to a suspects voice conversations. This has once again sparked the debate about whether or not companies can be forced to change the security parameters of their services to aid surveillance which would help law enforcement close ongoing cases.

Facebook’s Friend List Feeds Feature Has Been Shut Down

Facebook’s News Feed is where you get all the updates on your friends, pages and people you follow, and so on. However depending on how many friends you have and how many pages you follow, it can be a mess which means that sometimes you miss out on certain things or friends that you do want to keep tabs on.


Facebook Makes It Difficult To Run Fakes Pages With Large U.S. Audiences

As it continues to take steps in order to prevent the flow of misinformation on its platform, Facebook has now revealed that it’s introducing Page publishing authorization. It’s going to start with people who manage a Page with the bulk of its audience based in the United States. It’s also adding primary country location and Page merge details into the Page Info tab that was launched in June.

L’Oreal To Bring An Augmented Reality Makeup Experience To Facebook

Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality (AR) is where the real world and the virtual world blend together. Each tech has its own purpose, but AR seems to be more useful when it comes to things like fashion, where it can be used to give users an idea of how a pair of glasses might look on them.

Facebook Denies Asking For Users’ Bank Data

It was recently reported that Facebook is thinking about adding users’ banking information to Messenger. It was said to be in talks with Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and U.S. Bancorp for access to user data on card transactions and checking account balances. The world’s largest social network has issued its response to the report and has denied asking banks for users’ data.

YouTube May Soon Overtake Facebook As Second Biggest U.S. Website

Facebook has long been the second biggest website in the United States. It pulls in a monumental amount of traffic across the globe and indeed in the United States as well. It’s second only to Google which is the world’s most widely used internet search engine. However, it seems that YouTube is set to overtake Facebook as the second biggest website in the United States soon.

Facebook Introduces AR Games To Messenger Video Chats

Facebook’s Messenger platform used to be pretty much about just sending messages. However it has evolved over time where users can send and receive money from friends, make phone calls, and also make video calls. In fact Facebook has recently pushed out an update that will beef up its video chats.

Facebook May Add Users’ Banking Details To Messenger

Facebook already allows users and businesses to interact with each other in multiple ways through Messenger and it appears that the company wants to take things one step further. It’s reportedly mulling the possibility of adding users’ banking information to Messenger so that users can keep an eye on their checking account balances and even receive fraud alerts through its messaging platform.

Facebook Has Begun Testing Its Dating Feature

We have heard in the past rumors that Facebook could be looking to develop their own dating app/feature. Given how many users there are on its network, it would be easy to leverage those accounts right off the bat instead of having to convince users to sign up for a new account and service.

WhatsApp Status Will Soon Start Showing Ads

For the longest time ever, many were wondering how Facebook planned on making money from WhatsApp. Considering how much money Facebook paid for WhatsApp, obviously Facebook would like to recover their investment. Recently Facebook’s plans to start monetizing WhatsApp was revealed, and now more details have surfaced.

Facebook’s Playable Ads Have Been Launched

Sometimes ads can be annoying because depending on how they’re implemented, they can be distracting and intruding, but what if ads were interactive and could do more than just advertise a product? If this sounds like something that could entice you to try out an app or a game, Facebook has recently launched its playable ads.

Facebook And Instagram Get New Dashboards For Usage Time Management

Many online services are jumping on the time well-spent bandwagon. They’re building tools that give their users more insight about the time that they spend on their services. Facebook was working on a similar feature for its social network and Instagram as well. The company today announced that these new tools are now live.