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How To Make Your Facebook Profile Private
If you don’t want to be searchable on Facebook and if you want your account to be private to protect your privacy, here’s how you can do it.

Facebook Messenger And Instagram Get Disappearing Messages
It used to be that messages you sent were pretty much permanent, but the trend we’re seeing in the past few years are messages that can be unsent or sent temporarily before they self-destruct. For those who use Instagram or Facebook Messenger, you’ll be pleased to learn that those features are now available for you.

Facebook And Google Will Continue Banning Political Ads For Now
Given the divisive nature of politics, Facebook and Google both stated earlier this year that they would be temporarily banning political ads due to the controversy that some of these ads can create. It was meant to be temporary leading up to the elections, but it seems that both companies have decided that they will be extending it.

Facebook Testing Out Dark Mode For Its Mobile App
Facebook has been steadily rolling out support for dark mode on its apps, but oddly enough, the main Facebook app itself was not part of this support. That could be changing soon because according to a tweet by researcher Jane Manchun Wong, it appears that Facebook is now publicly testing out the feature.


Facebook Wants To Use AI To Help Forecast Spread Of The Coronavirus
Unless continuous testing of people is being done, it’s hard to predict where a COVID-19 cluster can popup. This is because of the virus’ incubation time which is said to be around 14 days, meaning that anyone could be walking around for two weeks while being infected without necessarily knowing about it.

Facebook Rejected An Ad For Onions Because It Was Too Sexy
One of the benefits of automation is that it saves you a lot of time. However, sometimes automation can backfire because unless you have created a perfect system, and there’s really no such thing as a perfect system, things can go wrong. Take for example the folks at The Seed Company by EW Gaze in St John’s, Newfoundland, who recently had an ad for onions rejected as it was too […]

Instagram’s DMs Have Officially Merged With Messenger
We have been hearing a while about Facebook’s potential plans to merge some of its messaging services together. Back in August, Facebook started to merge Instagram’s DMs with Facebook Messenger, and now according to an announcement by the company, it looks like the merge has been officially completed.

It’s The End Of An Era As Farmville Will Be Shutting Down
In the early days of Facebook games, Farmville was one of the biggest titles around and we’re sure that everyone who is using Facebook was probably spammed by Farmville requests from their friends and family from time to time. However, it seems that you can rest assured that you will no longer receive these spam notifications.

Facebook Wants iOS Users To Be Able To Change Their Default Messaging Apps
One of the new features that Apple introduced to iOS 14 is the ability to change certain default apps, such as your browser and email client. However, that’s pretty much where they stopped, but interesting enough, Facebook is pushing Apple to make further changes where they are hoping that Apple could be convinced to allow default messaging apps to be changed as well.

Facebook Will Soon Let Users Issue Takedown Requests Of Images
Platforms like Facebook and YouTube have rights management tools. This basically allows content creators to claim ownership of intellectual property that is being used in other content that they did not authorize, like music or video clips. However, it seems that Facebook is now expanding on that to include photos.

Facebook Testing Viewing Instagram Stories Directly On Its Platform
Facebook has long allowed Instagram users to post Stories on both Instagram and Facebook at the same time in a bid to help build momentum for Facebook Stories. However, the problem is that Instagram Stories shared to Facebook can only be viewed by your Facebook friends and followers, as opposed to Instagram followers.

Facebook Users In Australia Might Stop Seeing News Posts On Their Feed
Here’s a question: would you pay a platform like Facebook to promote your posts, or should Facebook pay you to publish your posts? We suppose that answer depends on how influential you are, and over in Australia, the country’s Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) drafted a proposal that would allow publishers to negotiate with the likes of Google and Facebook to get paid for including their news and articles in […]

You Will Soon Be Able To Read Your News Subscriptions Through Facebook
Facebook is used by many publishers to share links to their latest news and articles, but some publishers are behind a paywall and usually require a subscription or that users sign in. If you’re already subscribed, we imagine that this can get pretty annoying when you just want to read the news.

Apple Not Thrilled With Facebook’s ‘Transparency Message’ About The App Store
Right now, Apple’s App Store is under immense scrutiny. This is because of the 30% cut that Apple takes from things like in-app purchases, which companies like Epic weren’t too happy about. Now it seems that Facebook is wading into the drama as well as they are now claiming that Apple forced the company to remove a message that they put in their app.