Facebook To Stop Providing On-Site Support To Political Candidates

Amid questions over its role in the last presidential elections in the United States, the world’s largest social network has reportedly decided to keep its distance from political candidates going forward. New reports reveal that Facebook has decided that it will no longer offer on-site support to political candidates’ campaigns.

Facebook’s Video Chat Device Could Be Announced Next Week

Earlier this year there were rumors that Facebook was planning on getting into smart speakers as well. Following the success of Amazon and Google, it’s not surprising that Facebook wants a slice of that pie. Now according to a report from Cheddar, Facebook is expected to announce the device next week.

Facebook Dating Is Now Being Tested In Colombia

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced earlier this year that the social network giant would be adding dating features to its network. It wasn’t something that many were expecting so the company did take many by surprise. It has now launched the new Facebook Dating features as a test in India. It draws on many aspects of Facebook to encourage users to meet in people and is fundamentally different from the […]

Facebook Interested In Developing AR Chips

It appears that Facebook is interested in developing its own chips for augmented reality solutions. Several job postings have been spotted which reveal that the company is hiring engineers who will be tasked with designing custom augmented reality chips. The job postings have been advertised by a group inside the company called Facebook Reality Labs which was previously known as Oculus Research. Oculus is the VR company that Facebook acquired […]


Facebook Offers Bounties For Reporting Bugs In Third-Party Apps

Many online services run their own bug bounty programs. Security researchers are encouraged to find undiscovered vulnerabilities which can then be shared with the company in exchange for a monetary reward. Facebook has a bug bounty program of its own and it’s now expanding it to cover bug reports for third-party apps as well.

Facebook Fights Fake News By Fact-Checking Photos And Videos

Facebook has taken some major steps to stop the flow of fake news on its platform in the wake of foreign meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections. It’s working with dozens of partners to fact-check news stories already and the social network has now revealed that its fact-checking partners have been given access to a new tool which will enable them to fact-check photos and videos that may have […]

Facebook Debuts Rosetta AI That Can Decipher Text In Memes

Using plaintext to post status updates and spread hate messages can be easily picked up by systems designed to scan and filter text. However when this text is put into memes, images, and videos, it becomes a bit tricky, especially since one can easily swap out a video or image for a new one with existing text.

Facebook Adds Community Help Tool To Facebook Lite

The Community Help tool on Facebook is an evolution of the social network’s Safety Check feature which allowed users to mark themselves as safe following a crisis event. The Community Help tool lets them connect with others in such events, share updates, find and give help. Facebook has announced that it’s adding this useful tool to Facebook Lite, the lightweight version of its app that’s aimed at emerging markets.

Survey Finds More People Are Taking Breaks From Facebook

Following the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, a movement was launched to #DeleteFacebook. However despite the damning implications of the privacy scandal, data seemed to show that it did not exactly impact Facebook’s usage stats that much. This does not mean that users think what happened in okay, but it simply could be how much Facebook is ingrained in our lives today that we have no choice but to keep using […]

Facebook Sues BlackBerry Over Voice Messaging Technology

It’s common for tech companies that get sued for patent infringement to hit the company suing them with a similar lawsuit in kind. Merely months after BlackBerry sued Facebook and alleged that the social network in addition to WhatsApp and Instagram had infringed on its messaging app patents, Facebook has hit back at BlackBerry with its own lawsuit claiming that the company has stolen its voice messaging technology.

Instagram’s Next Venture Could Be A Standalone Shopping App

Given how many brands and companies use Instagram to advertise their products, it wasn’t surprising that eventually Instagram brought a feature to its platform that allowed users to shop within the app. Now it looks like they’ll be taking it one step further by launching a standalone shopping app.

Facebook Has Built A ‘War Room’ To Prevent Election Meddling

Facebook has had to take a lot of pain over the use of its social network for political misinformation campaigns during the presidential elections. The company has taken concrete steps since then to prevent something like that from happening again. With the U.S. midterm elections approaching, Facebook has set up a physical “war room” at its headquarters to prevent election meddling.

Facebook Watch Rolling Out Globally

Facebook Watch is generally regarded as the social network’s YouTube rival. It’s a video platform that Facebook launched in the United States a year ago. The company has since inked content deals to bring news, shows, and more content to the dedicated Watch tab on Facebook. The world’s largest social network has announced today that it’s now releasing Facebook Watch globally.

Facebook Pledges To Run On 100 Percent Renewable Energy By 2020

Facebook has joined the list of companies that have publicly pledged to power their entire global operations on 100 percent renewable energy. The company committed in a blog post today that it’s going to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 75 percent and power its global operations with 100 percent renewable energy by the end of 2020.