Study Finds Most Users Aren’t Aware That Facebook Keeps A List Of Their Interests

Facebook collects data on us based on how we use the app, the pages we interact with, the things we post, and so on. However did you know that Facebook actually generates a list of interests that it thinks we likes so that it can display ads that it deems to be relevant to you? According to a recent study by Pew Internet, apparently not many people do.

Facebook Employees Caught Leaving 5-Star Reviews Of Portal On Amazon

Last year amidst the various privacy scandals and controversies that Facebook found themselves caught up in, the company debuted the Portal video chat device. It was an odd choice to launch a product that would have raised eyebrows any other day, during a time where there was a public outcry to #DeleteFacebook.

Facebook Makes Its Image Compression Tech Open Source

More often than not when you upload a photo to somewhere like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and so on, these images are compressed. The reason behind it is because our smartphones and cameras take photos which in its original format are huge files, and obviously uploading huge files takes a long time to upload, a long time to download, and takes up a lot of storage.

Facebook To Invest $300 Million In Local News

Facebook has announced that it will be making a major investment to support local news over the next three years. It has set aside $300 million for this purpose. The money will be doled out to different initiatives and organizations with the sole aim of supporting local newsrooms. The initiative is not unlike the one that Google announced late last year.


Facebook Now Lets Users Share Events To Stories

Facebook has seen considerable success with the Stories feature on Instagram so much so that it has started offering the feature on almost all of its services. However, Stories on Instagram still attract the most amount of users across all of its products. In a bid to improve the usage numbers on Facebook proper, the social network is now allowing users to share Events to Stories.

Oculus Rift Can Now Stream Live VR To Facebook

Facebook has the ability to stream live for a while now, such as the games you’re playing or if you just want to get in front of the camera and talk to your friends or followers. However it looks Facebook is now giving users more options when it comes to streaming, one of which is the ability to live stream what you’re seeing in VR via the Oculus Rift headset.

Facebook’s App Cannot Be Deleted From Certain Samsung Phones

If you own certain Samsung phones, it seems that you can more or less forget about taking part in the #DeleteFacebook movement simply because you literally cannot delete Facebook. According to a report from Bloomberg, it seems that there are some Samsung phone owners who have recently discovered that they are unable to delete Facebook from their phones.

Mark Zuckerberg’s 2019 Challenge Is Public Talks On The Future Of Tech

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made a habit of setting out a “personal challenge” for himself at the start of the new year. He has been doing this for a few years now, at least publicly, and he has now shared what he intends to devote his time to this year. Zuckerberg will be hosting a series of public talks on the future of technology.

Facebook Messenger ‘Unsend’ Feature Rolling Out To More Users

Back in November last year, Facebook started to roll out an “unsend” feature for some of its Messenger users. The rollout was limited at that time, but it looks like Facebook is pushing out the feature to more of its users, at least according to a post on Reddit by saras112 who posted a screenshot showing the feature available on their device.

Would You Stop Using Facebook For $1,000 A Year?

Following Facebook’s privacy scandals in 2018, a movement called #DeleteFacebook was started in which it encouraged users to delete their Facebook accounts to show the company that the public means business. However based on Facebook’s stats, it seems that this movement hasn’t really done much to affect its bottom line.

Facebook Messenger Testing Out A ‘Dark Mode’ For Its App

Dark mode is a feature that we’re starting to see become a native feature amongst apps. Of course a system-wide dark mode that would automatically apply it to all apps would be much preferred, but for now it’s entirely up to developers to decide whether or not they want to support it.

The IRS Wants To Use Facebook And Instagram To Catch Tax Evaders

Looking at the social media profile of famous “influencers” can sometimes make you feel envious. This is because it looks like all that person is doing is traveling around the world, eating nice food, being given free stuff, and basically enjoying life. How there are some influencers who warn that what you see might not necessarily tell the whole story, and that those are just snippets of their life.

Facebook Reportedly Shut Down Plans For A Political Discussion Platform

Discussing things online can be tricky because due to the relative anonymity provided, there are some who take the opportunity to say things that they would never say to a person in real life. Such trolls can exist in pretty much any and every topic, which is why we have to commend Facebook for apparently being brave enough to consider launching a platform to facilitate political discussion.

Facebook Could Be Developing Its Own Cryptocurrency For WhatsApp

If you’re looking to transfer money to friends or family members over mobile, there are several ways to go about doing that. There is PayPal, there is Venmo, there is Apple Pay, and so on. Now we have heard that WhatsApp has been working on a money transfer feature, and a report from Bloomberg has revealed that Facebook could be planning on using cryptocurrency to do so.