Facebook Stored Hundreds Of Millions Of Passwords In Plain Text For Years

Facebook has more than a billion users across the globe and as you can imagine, ensuring the security of users’ personal information should be of paramount importance to a platform of its size. So you may not be thrilled to hear that the company stored hundreds of millions of user passwords in plain text for years. They were searchable by thousands of Facebook employees, going as far back as 2012, […]

Facebook Messenger Updated With Threaded Replies

If you’re chatting with someone, sometimes your messages can get lost in the conversation and it might be confusing. However this is an issue that has been solved in some messenger apps, such as WhatsApp which lets you reply to certain messages with a quote to give it better context to the reader.

Following Controversy, Facebook Changes Some Targeting Options For Ads

Facebook’s ad tools came under the spotlight in a series of articles by ProPublica which highlighted how the tools could be used to discriminate against certain sections of the society. The company was hit with legal action by the American Civil Liberties Union and it has now reached a settlement with a group. As part of this settlement, Facebook will end some targeting options for advertisements which could be potentially […]

WhatsApp Co-Founder Calls On Users To Delete Facebook

Facebook has been taking some hits recently to their reputation, namely due to the privacy scandals that the social media platform has been embroiled in time after time. So much so that WhatsApp’s co-founder, Brian Acton, has called upon users to delete Facebook. This is according to a report from BuzzFeed News (via 9to5Mac) where Acton spoke to an undergraduate computer science class at Stanford University.


Facebook’s New AI Tool Detects Revenge Porn Proactively

Facebook is expanding its use of artificial intelligence to moderate the content that gets uploaded to its platform in order to ensure that the community guidelines are not violated. The company has revealed that it’s now using a new artificial intelligence tool which is capable of proactively detecting and flagging revenge porn.

Facebook Adds ‘Gaming’ To Its Main Navigation Menu

We know that Facebook is interested in gaming to a certain degree, although on that front other platforms such as Twitch and YouTube do have a better audience. However it seems that Facebook is trying to step up their game by introducing “Gaming” to its main navigation menu where it will be more prominent and accessible by users.

Facebook’s Outage Was Due To Server Configuration Change

Just yesterday the entire world was thrown for a loop when Facebook’s various products and services, including Facebook itself, WhatsApp, and Instagram were down. It was unclear as to what had happened, but for those who might have been worried that it was some kind of attack on Facebook, it turns out it was nothing more than a server configuration change.

Facebook’s Watch Party Expands To TV And Music

Last year Facebook launched a feature called Watch Party. For those who are hearing about this for the first time, Watch Party is a feature which allows Facebook users to watch videos live together at the same time, kind of like being in the same room together with you and your friends, except that it is done virtually.

Facebook And Instagram Are Down In Some Parts Across The Globe

It’s not uncommon for major platforms like Facebook and Instagram to have some downtime and normally it doesn’t take them very long to come back up. Reports are coming in from several markets across the globe this morning that Facebook and Instagram are down for users. Facebook and Instagram have not yet commented on the matter so there’s no official version of events as yet.

Facebook Coin Rumors Supported By ‘Pay With Facebook’ Option

It has been reported for a while now that Facebook is looking to launch its own digital currency that’s commonly referred to as Facebook Coin right now. The company hasn’t made any official announcements regarding this as yet but a new “Pay with Facebook” option noticed by users in Italy suggests that it may not be long before we hear from Facebook about this.

US Government Proposes Using Social Media To Catch Disability Fraud

Social media is where we post and share a lot of things, such as status updates, photos, check-ins, and more. Sometimes we end up sharing things that give away more information about us than we would like, and the US government is apparently hoping to capitalize on that by using social media to catch people committing disability fraud.

Facebook Testing A Blindingly White UI For Its Android App

One of Facebook’s more readily identifiable features is the use of blue where the color is featured prominently in its logo and its website. This is also applicable for its mobile app, but according to a report from XDA Developers, it seems that Facebook could be trying to create a cleaner look.

Facebook Cracking Down On Anti-Vaccine Content

Facebook announced this week that it’s going to reduce the reach of anti-vaccine content on the world’s largest social network. Such content will no longer be allowed to be promoted through recommendations or advertisements and will also be made less prominent in search results. These are the actions that it’s taking short of taking down anti-vaccine posts entirely.

Facebook Messenger Bug Allowed Others To See Who You Are Chatting With

For the most part most of us would like it if our conversations with others are private. This is why messaging apps these days are starting to introduce end-to-end encryption that prevents messages from being intercepted and read by someone else. Unfortunately for Facebook Messenger, there was a bug that could have allowed someone to see who you are chatting with.