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Facebook Could Introduce Cross-Platform Messaging Between WhatsApp And Messenger
Facebook currently owns several methods of communication. They have Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram, all of which allow users to message each other. However, accordion to a report from WABetaInfo, it seems that Facebook could be considering cross-platform messaging where users on Messenger could potentially communicate with users on WhatsApp.

Facebook Shows Off An Ultra-Thin Pair Of VR Glasses
Due to all the components needed in order to make virtual reality functional, pretty much all the VR headsets we’ve seen tend to be rather big and bulky and not exactly portable. However, over at Facebook Reality Labs, the company has shown off a proof-of-concept pair of VR glasses that look like a pair of regular glasses.

Facebook Will Now Warn Users When Sharing News More Than 90 Days Old
News moves really fast and what could be relevant one hour ago could be irrelevant the next hour. For example if you were to learn that a company had filed for bankruptcy last month, but now this month they suddenly get a saved by an investment firm, what was news last month is no longer applicable this month.

Facebook Launches Forecast, An App That Asks Users To Make Predictions About World Events
Facebook already knows a lot about what you do based on your likes. It also knows what you say based on the comments you’ve made on posts, but now it seems that Facebook also wants to know how you think. The company has recently announced the launch of a new test app called Forecast.


How To Stop Political Ads In Facebook
Not a fan of seeing political ads on your Facebook feed? Thankfully, Facebook has announced that users will be able to turn it off, and here’s how you can do it in a couple of simple steps.

Facebook Portal Will Now Support Up To 50 Users Per Call
With Facebook’s somewhat checkered history with regards to user privacy, many were incredulous when the company announced its Portal video calling device back in 2018 as it basically put a Facebook camera in your home. However, if you do own a Portal, then the latest update could be of interest to you.

Facebook Will Allow Users To Turn Off Political Ads If They Don’t Want To See It
Discussing politics can be a sensitive subject and many people have gotten into never-ending arguments about them. If you’d rather not deal with having to see political ads on your Facebook feed, then you’ll be pleased to learn that according to Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, users will be able to turn them off.

WhatsApp’s Payments Have Started To Roll Out To Users
For a while now, Facebook has been trying to figure out a way to monetize WhatsApp. The company acquired WhatsApp several years ago in what some called one of the most expensive acquisitions in tech, but to date, Facebook has yet to charge users to use the service (although the idea of introducing ads has been floated in the past).

Facebook Testing Face ID, Touch ID Locking For Messenger App
If you don’t like it when people use your phone and go through your messages, then here’s some potentially good news for you. Facebook appears to be testing out protecting its Messenger app with Face ID or Touch ID (depending on your device), meaning that you might be soon able to biometrically protect your messages from prying eyes.

Facebook Testing Wikipedia Integration Into Its Search Results
When you search for something on Google, sometimes you might get a knowledge panel on the right which provides you with a brief blurb on the topic you’re searching, as well as a link to websites like Wikipedia. Now it looks like Facebook is attempting to do the same in a test that was discovered and shared by some users on Twitter.

EU Wants Facebook And Twitter To Give Monthly Reports On How They Fight Fake News
Social media companies like Facebook and Twitter did previously announce that they have implemented a variety of measures to combat fake news. This includes slapping warning labels, adding links to verified and reputable sources, and so on, but how much of this actually helps or works?

Facebook Now Lets All Users Export Photos To Google Photos
Last year, Facebook announced that they would be launching a new tool that would allow users to export their Facebook photos to Google Photos. The feature certainly took a while to roll out to users, but the good news is that if you’ve been eagerly anticipating this feature, Facebook has confirmed that the export tool is now available to users globally.

Facebook Will Now Let Users Delete Their Posts In Bulk
If you’ve been using Facebook for many years, chances are you might have amassed a bunch of posts dating back several years. Safe to say that many of us have made posts that we might cringe when we look back at them today, but the problem is if you want to delete those posts, you would need to do so one-by-one.

Facebook Launches New Voice Calling App CatchUp
Facebook Messenger already allows for voice calls, but it seems that Facebook is testing out a new app called CatchUp that will also allow users to make audio-only calls. So what’s the difference? Why would there be a need for a new and separate app? With CatchUp, there will be one main difference: users can show their availability.