Have you ever attended a conference or showfloor that requires more than a day’s walk around to cover every single exhibitor there? Amidst all the flurry of talking, interviews and generally renewing contacts, surely you would also be involved in talking over the phone with your mates to schedule future appointments, replying emails and blasting away text messages. All of that will take a toll on your phone’s battery, and when you are far away from the nearest power outlet to juice up your handset, what do you do? Vodafone ensures this doesn’t happen at large open-air events, thanks to this truck which looks more like Optimus Prime in disguise. Basically, this Vodafone VIP recharging truck will be making headlines at 11 festivals this year, letting Vodafone customers juice up their mobile devices for free. Capable of taking in 2,000 devices simultaneously, pundits expect Optimus’ long lost cousin to charge more than 70,000 phones and mobile devices throughout the course of summer this year. 

For those who are Vodafone customers and are heading off to a festival, make sure you own at least an Android, iPhone, BlackBerry or Nokia device as other makes are not compatible. On the other hand, don’t you think this might be a brilliant method to have you make more calls at such festivals since you need not worry about running low on battery? Vodafone wins, either way.

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