Google is said to roll out their online music service which is not too different from the one that Inc first announced back in March this year – at least that is what the Wall Street Journal claims (referring to the Amazon Cloud Player, we presume). This system will most likely function like a digital music locker, where it enables users to upload their music to a remote server while playing songs from any computer browser or via an app which will run on smartphones and tablets that rely on the Android operating system. The name? Music Beta by Google.

Users will most likely be able to stream jams that they have already uploaded onto the service, where Google is tipped to prevent any form of music theft as they do not allow any of the files to be downloaded. 

Similar to Amazon, Google did not yet look for licenses from the major record labels, and will more or less roll out a “passive” locker system which would only enable users to listen to music they had uploaded. The use of licenses would allow Google and other online music service operators to open up access to users to tunes stored in central servers and other expanded offerings for smartphones, tablets and on computer browsers.

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