Now here is a reference design that we definitely won’t mind having on our desks – the Intel Keeley Lake that you see above. No idea on whether it is Oaktrail or Cedar Trail, but some parties tend to lean more towards the latter since Cedar Trail more likely to be a big component of Intel’s keynote at Computex today.

Notebook Italia managed to get hold of a super slim device that features relocated ports on the rear, and this is simply because of a design “issue” as the entire chassis itself is already so thin. Do bear in mind that Cedar Trail is rumoured to come with a PowerVR graphics core and WiDi support, where the power envelope ought to remain in the range of around 4-5W TDP for the platform, and this alone matches the thermal limitations which the design is touted to sport. 

Nice to see the designers push the envelope, cramming in a convertible display to boot without having to bulk up the design where central hinges are wont to do. As this is a reference design as at time of publishing, it doesn’t mean the final product will be similar, although do expect such devices to borrow heavily from what you see here.

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