Adobe has just updated their Adobe Air for Android to version 2.7, where it is now readily available for download over at the Android Market. Just what does this new version bring to the table? At long last, it will let you install the application directly to the SD memory card, helping free up some storage space on your internal memory just in case you are running low on the latter. Apart from that, new developer APIs including Media Measurement have been thrown into the mix to keep company the standard range of important bug fixes and security enhancements.

General users might just go, “Huh?” with this new update, as they will most probably be unable to tell just how different the Adobe Air experience is in version 2.7 apart from the SD memory card install part, but for those who are in the developer camp, chances are quite high that you will appreciate the recently introduced APIs – perhaps those might prove to be the missing link to your upcoming new app on the Android Market which might turn you into a rich person overnight!

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