Adobe has unveiled the latest iteration of, known as V4, aimed at enhancing content workflows for creative projects.

As the demand for video content continues to surge, creatives and stakeholders encounter bottlenecks due to disparate tools and systems; V4 addresses these challenges by centralizing feedback, streamlining workflows, and accelerating the delivery of media assets.

Some of the Key Features of V4 are:

  • Collections: Anchored by a dynamic metadata framework, this smart folder system enables users to organize and manage content effectively. It simplifies collaboration across the entire content creation lifecycle, from casting and location scouting to post-production workflows.
  • Expanded Video Support: V4 extends its support beyond post-production workflows, accommodating video, images, design files, and PDFs, making it a versatile platform for creative teams.
  • Workflow Management: The fully customizable cloud-based platform empowers users to tailor it to their specific creative processes. File transfer, media asset review, approval, sharing, and presentations have undergone some enhancements, providing a more powerful and intuitive experience.
  • Integration with Adobe Tools: integrates with Adobe’s ecosystem, collaborating with Photoshop and Workfront, streamlining content production for enterprises across the content supply chain. As part of Adobe GenStudio, can be combined with Adobe Express and Adobe Firefly Services to enable scalable content production.

Availability V4 is currently available in beta for Free and Pro customers, with plans to launch later this year for Team and Enterprise customers.

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