Full Adobe Photoshop For iPad Being Developed

Apple has been focusing on enabling users to do much more with the iPad than they ever could. The company added many features with iOS 11 to offer PC-like functionality but there are still many core desktop apps that can’t run on the tablet just yet. At least Adobe seems to be stepping forward to bridge this gap. The company is reportedly developing a full version of its popular Photoshop […]

Adobe To Catch Photoshopped Images With Artificial Intelligence

“Photoshopping” images is the act of altering an original image to the extent that it conveys something else entirely. It’s harmless use results in funny images and memes but it’s regularly used as a tool for propaganda and spreading misinformation as well. Such images can often trick social media and even news outlets to the point that they end up going viral. Adobe wants to reduce the role that its […]

Adobe Brings Enhanced Document Cloud Integration With Office 365

Adobe has announced that the integration of Document Cloud with Microsoft Office 365 has been improved. This will enable Office 365 users to create, edit, view, and secure PDFs through Office 365 online. They will be able to do perform all of these tasks from the toolbar in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneDrive, and SharePoint.

Final Standalone Version Of Adobe Lightroom Has Been Released

It used to be that when you bought a piece of software, that’s all you’d have to pay for it, a one-time upfront fee. However in recent years we’ve started to see more developers shift to a subscription-like model, where users would pay monthly/yearly fees to keep using the software, which in the long run ultimately adds up to more.


Adobe Lightroom Update Uses AI To Edit Your Photos

Editing photos takes skill, such as being able to choose the right colors/tone that will make a photo more interesting, as well as fixing things in the photo that you might have missed when taking the shot, like blown out highlights, areas that are too dark, and so on. However Adobe is hoping to make that easier, thanks to the use of AI.

Adobe Scan Updated With Automatic Document Detection

Earlier this year Adobe introduced an app called Scan, which for the most part does what quite a few apps do, which is that it lets users “scan” documents using their phones and turns them into editable files (PDFs in this case). However what if you were taking photos of your receipts and documents before you downloaded the app?

Adobe Photoshop Gets Microsoft Surface Dial Support

It has been almost a year since the Surface Dial accessory was released by Microsoft for its Surface Studio all-in-one computer. There aren’t a lot of apps out there that have support for this accessory but more are gradually being added to the list. Adobe Photoshop was one of the apps that users wanted most to get support for the Surface Dial. It has now been confirmed that Adobe’s flagship […]

Adobe Flash Vulnerability Allows Hackers To Plant Malware

As if the recent revelation that WiFi’s security has been hacked wasn’t enough to scare us as far as cyber security threats are concerned, security firm Kaspersky Labs has revealed that there has been a recent vulnerability discovered in Adobe’s Flash platform that allows hackers to plant malware in it that in turn could affect users.

Adobe Petitioned To Make Flash Open Source

Adobe has been stringing along Flash for years even though calls have intensified for this outdated web technology to bite the dust. Most web browsers have actively started blocking Flash to safeguard their users against the various threats that materialize due to Flash-based content. Adobe recently confirmed when it’s going to discontinue Flash for good. However, some would like Adobe to keep Flash around, particularly for “future generations.”

Adobe Flash Will Finally Die In 2020

The Adobe Flash web technology has long enabled content creators to offer interactive online gaming, video, and education services but Flash has also long struggled with malware and vulnerabilities. There are much better and safer web technologies available now. No wonder major web browsers have been automatically blocking Flash. Adobe itself has confirmed today that it’s finally going to kill Flash by the end of 2020.

Adobe Lightroom For iOS Gains Support For 3D Touch, Apple Pencil

The thing with the iPad Pro is that thanks to the Apple Pencil, it makes it the perfect tool to use if you want to draw on the go, or if you want to be able to edit photos in the field. Granted editing on a computer might be better thanks to a larger display, but if you had to edit in the field, the iPad Pro would come in […]

Adobe Will Make Speeding Up Lightroom A Priority

When it comes to the post-processing of photos, Adobe’s Lightroom is one of the most-used programs around. However just because it is the most-used doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best. Sure, it comes with a ton of features and robust editing options, but if there is one complaint many Lightroom users seem to have is that it feels slow.

Adobe Scan App Turns Receipts Into Editable PDFs

When it comes to apps that can scan your receipts or documents onto your phone, there are plenty of options to choose from. However that did not stop Adobe from tossing their hat into the ring with their latest release in the form of the Adobe Scan, and what sets the app aside from the rest is that these are PDFs you can actually edit.

Adobe Figured Out How To Copy A Photo Style From One Picture To Another

If you’ve spent a fair amount of time editing photos, you know that you can save your edits as presets and use them to apply to photos in the future, assuming that you want them all to look a particular way. This saves photographers and editors a lot of time, especially if there is a certain theme or style that they want their photos to look like.