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Adobe Premiere Pro Beta Now Available On Apple’s M1 Macs
Apple’s Mac computers are typically favored by video editors which is why when Apple announced their transition away from Intel processors, there was a bit of concern regarding support for future software, and if there will be software ready in time. The good news is that it looks like Adobe is here to save the day.

Best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives
Adobe Photoshop is a popular software utility to manipulate the image and enhance its appearance. No matter whether you are a professional or starting out, Adobe Photoshop offers several powerful features suitable for every user.However, with several options available, you might notice a steep learning curve or complexity while using it. Especially, for beginners. Not just limited to that, Adobe’s monthly subscription for its software cannot be considered as affordable […]

Adobe Updates Lightroom With Support For ARM Chipsets
When Apple finally unveiled their first M1 computers, Adobe also announced support for the new chipsets by saying that they will be bringing an M1 compatible version of some of their popular apps like Photoshop and Lightroom to these computers. The good news is that one Adobe app has arrived and it comes in the form of Lightroom.

Adobe Photoshop Beta Released For Apple’s New M1 Macs
The reviews of Apple’s M1 computers are in and for the most part, they are extremely positive where many are praising the performance of these computers. However, one common thread that all these reviews have is that for now, there aren’t many apps that have been optimized for the new M1 chipset.


Adobe Will Bring Lightroom, Photoshop To Apple’s New M1 Computers
One of the chief concerns about Apple launching its new M1 chipset for its Mac computers isn’t so much about power. So far benchmarks have shown that it is more than capable of holding its own against Intel processors, so instead the concerns are more about whether or not developers will bother to develop apps to support the new chipset.

Latest Windows 10 Update Removes Adobe Flash From Your Computer
At the end of 2020, Adobe will be officially retiring Flash for good. It had a good long run and we have to give it credit for paving the way for platforms like YouTube, but we suppose like all good things, it has to come to an end, especially given that the past few years, Flash has proven to be more problematic than useful.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021 And Premiere Elements 2021 Announced
If you’re a creative looking to get some work done, there’s a good chance that Adobe’s suite of software would be your choice. However, Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription can be expensive, especially if you’re just a small time creator or even a hobbyist, but that’s where the “Elements” edition comes in.

Adobe Illustrator’s Upcoming Update Will Make It Easier To Recolor Your Designs
Say you’ve created a new graphic design project but you’re not too thrilled with the theme. Sure, you could always go back and recolor everything, but this can be a tedious process, especially if you’re not too sure about what colors you think might look good. Plus it is also a completely manual process so it can take some time.

Adobe Illustrator Is Coming To The iPad This October
Over the years, Adobe has been bringing several of its professional editing apps over to the iPad. What makes these versions particularly interesting and powerful is that for the most part, they have been built from ground up so that they are optimized for the iPad, as opposed to merely porting the computer version over.

Lightroom For iOS Bug Wipes 2 Years Worth Of Photos For Users
Backing up your files is always a good idea, but sometimes it’s not necessarily the worst idea to have a backup of your backup. This is because sometimes the original backup can fail, get lost, or have the files corrupted, so having another backup is a good idea if those files are particularly important to you.

How To Repair Damaged Illustrator Files With Recovery Toolbox
Modern artists and graphic designers can no longer imagine how to work without a miracle tool produced by Adobe Systems.The Illustrator graphic editor turned out to be so convenient, functional, and fast that its popularity is beyond doubt. Just the ultimate dream! Is this so, is there any catch? Unfortunately, there is.

Adobe’s Flash Will Officially Reach The End Of Its Life On December 31, 2020
Remember in the early days of the web where Flash was pretty much used everywhere? It was an amazing tool that allowed website developers to create interactive content on their websites, such as games. It also allowed developers to embed video players, media players, and the likes.

Adobe’s Photoshop Camera Is Now Available For Free On iOS And Android
Back in November last year, Adobe announced that they were developing a new app called Photoshop Camera. For those who might have missed the announcement, basically this is a camera app that comes with a variety of lenses and filters that allows users to take all kinds of funky and interesting photos.

Adobe Finally Brings Curves To Photoshop For The iPad
Adobe’s Photoshop is an incredibly powerful tool that has been used by many professional graphic designs and photographers over the past decade or so. One of the more powerful tools that the app offers is curves, which allows users to better tweak and adjust the colors of their image.

Someone Created A Keyboard Dedicated To Photoshop’s Toolbars
If you’ve ever dived into the world of custom mechanical keyboards, then you know that dedicated macro pads are pretty common. This allows users to bind specific apps and functions to them, while creating a macro pad using keycaps and switches of their own personal preference.

Adobe Is Giving Everyone Free Two Months Of Creative Cloud
With more people starting to work and study from home, it means that cloud services have become more important than ever as it allows for students and workers to work together remotely and sync their files together, as well as being able to access it from anywhere, like their home computers.

Fake Flash Update Trojan Is Infecting Mac Computers
Adobe’s Flash platform has been slowly deprecated from use over the years. Companies who have developed browsers, such as Apple, have also disabled the feature by default a few years ago. Unfortunately, it seems that there are still malware out there that is infecting Mac computers.

Photoshop For iPad Gains New ‘Select Subject’ Feature
One of the features of Adobe Photoshop for the desktop is called Select Subject. This is a feature that is powered by Adobe’s Sense AI engine where it makes it easy for users to select images of their subjects in the app. Given that not all subject matters are regular-shaped, this can be a tricky process for those who aren’t too adept at using selection tools like the lasso.

Lightroom For iPad Now Allows For Direct Import
Due to the nature of how iOS has been designed, it isn’t quite as “open” compared to Android where accessing files on an iOS device can be a bit tricky and slightly convoluted. This means that when it comes to using photo editing apps such as Adobe’s Lightroom isn’t as straightforward.

How To Combine PDF Files For Free
If you have a need to combine and merge multiple PDF files into a single PDF file, there are many ways to go about it, but here we show you how you can actually go about combining PDF files for free.