Is music so important to you that you cannot live without it? Not even when you go swimming? If you answered in the affirmative, then we would suggest you actually do your bit and purchase some sort of waterproof rated protective case for your portable media player – the iPod range ought to have something like that. Apart from that, you would also need a decent pair of earphones, and who better to deliver that than with the DryBUDS Sport?

Boasting an over-the-ear clip, the DryBUDS SPORT was specially designed for runners, swimmers, skiers, boaters, and just about anyone else who is active without being worried about getting wet. 

According to Dr. Roy Archambault, CEO of Dry Corp.“Our customers asked us to design these headphones because they wanted to be able to maintain their active lifestyle while utilizing their DryCASEs with their portable electronics. We listened and are pleased to present them with our latest waterproof creation, DryBUDS SPORT.” What you see on the right is not the DryBUDS SPORT, but rather the DryBUDS since the device itself isn’t on the website just yet. It will retail for $34.99 a pop – sounds decent enough, no?

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