Forget about the traditional fly swatter that squashes bugs into a flat, juicy bit. Here is the pneumatic Fly-Goodbye Bug Hunter which hails from Century Japan, as it goes about sucking all those pesky insects that you hate to have roaming around the home. It is extremely safe to use, and best of all is, it needs no batteries to work. Looking somewhat like a shotgun at first glance, the Bug Hunter will suck the insects when you press the trigger, and the front holds a capture tube that will leave the captured insect inside. Each Bug Hunter is accompanied by a magnifying glass and a trio of cartridges. 

Just what the heck are you supposed to do with all the insects caught inside? Well, you can always use the magnifying glass to check them out in their new home (the catridge), and whatever you do with them after that really depends on your personal preference. It will retail for around $37 in Japan after conversion, be we don’t think it will be as effective in getting rid of a particularly pesky fly as compared to the traditional swatter. Less messy, definitely though.

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