You just gotta love social networking as well as micro blogging sites, especially when company executives get a little bit careless with information – as to whether that is on purpose or not, it is another matter, but for now, we do know that Fujifilm Canada has already rolled out details concerning an upcoming firmware fix for the Finepix X100. There are ten changes in total which were announced through the company’s Twitter feed, where among them include a more accessible “wake” option, a more visible reminder in the viewfinder when Eye Sensor mode is active, as well as setting permanance for ISO, Self-Timer, DR, Flash, and Macro settings when changing exposure mode, review mode or power state. As for the full list of the firmware updates, we have saved your time so you need not go through the Twitter feed, but can instead read it for yourself right after the jump.

  • 1/3EV adjustments now available in all shooting modes
  • Red-eye removal can be disabled when shooting RAW
  • ‘FN’ button assignment menu can be activated with a long press of the FN button
  • Camera can be woken from sleep with regular half-press of shutter button (not long press)
  • Size of the AF area is maintained after switching from OVF/EVF/LCD
  • Holding down menu/ok button for 3secs locks 4-way controller (stops drive/flash/macro/WB from being accidentally set)
  • When ‘eye sensor’ mode is enabled, an ‘Eye Sensor’ reminder appears on the LCD display
  • Macro/ISO/DR/Self-timer/Flash settings are maintained when exposure mode, review mode or power state are changed/cycled
  • When Auto ISO control is set to ‘on’, actual ISO sensitivity is displayed on half-press of shutter button
  • When switching between shooting/playback mode, the last viewed photograph is remembered unless a new photograph is taken

One thing though – we have no idea on when the firmware update will be released, but soon would be a good bet.

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