Lenovo Will Now Control Fujitsu’s PC Business

Lenovo is one of the biggest PC vendors on the planet and the company is taking steps to ensure that it claims the throne. Lenovo has reported its biggest quarterly rise in revenue since 2015 and it has also revealed that it’s acquiring a controlling stake in Fujitsu’s PC business. It’s spending a significant amount of money to purchase a controlling stake in the division.

Fujitsu Confirms They Are In Talks With Lenovo Over PC Business

When it comes to the PC, back in 2001-2005, Fujitsu used to be one of the main players as far as PC vendors are concerned. Fast forward to today, Fujitsu does not even make it into the top 6, which is why it is understandable that the company could be looking for some help with its PC business.

Lenovo Reportedly Interested In Acquiring Fujitsu’s PC Business

There’s a new report which claims that Lenovo is interested in spending quite a bit of money on Fujitsu’s PC business. The Chinese giant is already the largest computer vendor in the world and if this acquisition takes place it’s going to further consolidate its position at the top of the global PC market. Nothing has been confirmed as yet but there are whispers that talks are taking place between […]

Fujitsu’s LiveTalk Will Translate Conversations On The Fly

[CEATEC 2016] Have you ever tried communicating with someone who speaks a different language? There are translation apps available, but sometimes typing out the words can be slow, not to mention having to wait for them to be translated can also be slow. Ultimately this results in a bit of awkwardness with both parties standing around waiting for a translation.


Fujitsu’s Ontenna Lets You ‘Hear’ Through Your Hair

[CEATEC 2016] Hearing aids are a dime a dozen and they’re not exactly new tech either, but that doesn’t mean that it could still be improved upon, and nor does it mean that its design has been perfected. Granted there have been many improvements made to sensitivity, features, and size, but Fujitsu thinks that there might be a better way.

Fujitsu’s Robopin Will Provide A More Humanized Interaction

[CEATEC 2016] Interfacing with a computer can feel rather “cold”. Unless your focus is on 100% efficiency, you know that there’s nothing that can beat the human touch when it comes to customer service. This is particularly evident in industries like Japan where they are famous for their level of customer service.

Fujitsu Unveils A New & Improved Palm Vein Sensor For Secure Payments

[CEATEC 2016] With our smartphones becoming more capable than ever, it is no surprise that our phones these days can also be used to make payments for goods and services. We have services such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, and more, but if there’s one thing they all have in common, is that they rely on biometric security.

Fujitsu Develops AI System That Can Catch Criminals On The Run

When a criminal is on the run, there are so many possibilities in which they can escape. They can escape via a car, via public transport, via foot. They can head down on road, or they can try and escape through the back roads and alleys, and so on. Given the number of law enforcement, it would be pretty hard to try to spread out the entire force over an […]

Big Three Of The PC Industry Might Not Merge After All

It’s no secret that PC sales have suffered massive declines over the past few quarter. Recently three of the biggest PC manufacturers entered into merger discussions to present a united front and plug the declining sales. If an arrangement was reached it would have seen Vaio, Toshiba and Fujitsu join forces, but according to a new report the big three of the PC industry might not merge after all.

Toshiba, Fujitsu, Vaio Close To Merging PC Operations [Rumor]

When you think of laptops, you might think of brands like Lenovo, HP, Dell, or Apple. While brands like Toshiba, Fujitsu, and Vaio were more popular back in the day, it’s pretty obvious that these companies have taken a backseat to the abovementioned brands in today’s market, so much so that a rumor about merging their operations has surfaced.

PC Divisions Of Toshiba, Fujitsu, Vaio Rumored To Join Forces

Last year Sony confirmed that they would be selling off its Vaio computing division. Given that there are so many PC makers in the market, we suppose it makes sense for Sony to not try to spread themselves too thin. Now according to a report from Nikkei (via The Verge), it seems that Toshiba and Fujitsu are considering similar moves as well. The report claims that Toshiba and Fujitsu are both […]

Researchers Developing Tech To Boost Phone Displays To 4K

A couple of months ago, Sony announced the Xperia Z5 Premium with a 4K display, making it the first of its kind in the world. However it was later discovered that its 4K display wasn’t always at 4K, and that Sony from time to time and depending on the situation, would downscale the display in order to conserve battery. However it seems that over in Japan, Kogakuin University and Fujitsu […]

Fujitsu Broadcast Engagement Tracking Platform

Fujitsu is working on a product that it hopes will attract broadcasters worldwide: a cloud service that can measure the spectator’s emotion in real-time. There are several components to “sense” the user emotion. Classic ways to do it is by monitoring social network signals – a lot of players are already doing this. However, Fujitsu would ideally like to put a camera in homes to see people’s faces and analyze […]

Fujitsu RETISSA Eyewear Helps Those With Poor Vision

[CEATEC 2015] Wearable technology such as virtual reality headsets or augmented reality (AR) headgear have been around for some time already, but they have not really managed to end up being mainstream devices to date. Well, it looks like this particular trend is going to continue until there is some sort of major breakthrough that happens in the industry, but thankfully there are practical developments and strides being made. Fujitsu, […]