Internet in a suitcase

Now here is an interesting concept – carrying the Internet in a suitcase. It will be very different from toting around an Internet surfing capable device, as this suitcase has received funded from the U.S. State Department, and it is meant to be a method for folks to remain online even when basic infrastructure of communications is broken down in the event of a disaster or war.

All equipment inside this suitcase can deploy a wireless network which enables computers and cellphones to “talk” to each other, not to mention a slew of equally important software running behind the scenes to get things done. The network will not be a centralized on in the vein of your wireless router. Instead, it is a mesh network, so if individual nodes are no longer there, the network will still be up. In addition, it will comprise of services that will help keep everything anonymous and protected, preventing your smartphone or notebook from getting tracked.

No idea on when this will fall into the hands of ordinary folks, but we won’t be surprised that the suits who are in positions of power might already have a bunch of these to play among themselves.

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