Leica M3 camera made out of paper actually works

Papercraft Leica M3

If you’ve always wanted to get your hands on a Leica M3 camera, but couldn’t afford the atrocious price tags associated with it – all hope is not lost. No you don’t have to resort to pasting a Leica skin on your iPhone 4 but you can build one out of paper instead. As proven by a designer, Matthew Nicholson, he managed to craft a Leica M3 camera using paper and some camera parts. The best thing is? It actually works! Now he has a Leica M3 camera, though a bit flimsy; that is capable of capturing photographs on film.

He plans to share how he did it through a tutorial sometime in the future, but for now you can look at the plans of his papercraft Leica on his website.

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