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Panasonic World’s First Organic 8K Sensor
At Inter Bee 2018, Panasonic is introducing the first camera equipped with an “Organic” 8K sensor (36M pixel, 60 FPS), which should push the light sensitivity and dynamic range farther than existing CMOS sensors.

Lenovo Mirage Camera with Daydream
Lenovo unveiled its new Mirage Camera at CES 2018, a VR camera that shoots with two lenses with each 180-degree field of view that is compatible with Google’s VR certification Daydream. Shooting VR video with a 180-degree viewing angle is a little easier than creating the traditional 360-degree video for VR that requires stitching. Lucidcam is the most famous pioneer in this new type of video camera for VR – […]

Sony a9 Review: Hands-On
In April 2017, Sony unveiled the Sony Alpha a9, its flagship full frame mirrorless camera. Equipped with the world’s first 24.2 Megapixel full-frame stacked CMOS sensor and the new BIONZ X processor, the Sony a9 delivers silent and blackout-free continuous shooting at 20 fps at full resolution with a buffer of 241 RAW and 362 JPG. After shooting 241 RAW and 362 JPG the camera slows down and stop shooting […]

Use SD Card as Default Photo Storage on Android
Using the SD card as the default storage for photos seems to be the best way to avoid clogging up of your Internet storage if you take too many photos. You can surely do the same even if you do not take a great number of photos but it would not make much of a difference then.But how to use SD card as the default photo storage on Android? Is […]


MIT Develops Camera That Can Read Closed Books
Have you ever come across a book and thought to yourself, “Gosh, if only there was a way that I could read this book without having to open it!” If that describes you perfectly, you’re in luck because MIT has developed a camera for just that purpose. Jokes aside, MIT really has designed a camera that can read books with its cover closed.

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II Oficially Announced
The Olympus OM-D  E-M10, released  in February 2014, was the last addition to the OM-D  E-M series launched by Olympus back in 2012 with the OM-D  E-M5 , a modern interpretation of the famous OM Series that Olympus launched in 1972. The OM-D M5 Mark 2 was released earlier this year, with the Titanium  limited edition a little over 3 months ago.Today the Japanese manufacturer officially announced the new OM-D […]

This Video Captured By Nikon P900 Shows The Moon ‘Moving’ 
Looks like we have finally arrived at that awkward moment when technology has become so mighty that it is doing things that we could have hardly imagined. One good example of that has surfaced recently, remember the Nikon P900 camera, which was launched in March this year? Well, the optical zoom of the P900 is so powerful that it can show the details of moon craters, seriously!

Automated Cameras Capture Life In The Serengeti
There is this saying, that a picture speaks a thousand words. Hence, it is not surprising to hear that there has been efforts to ensure that we can record all of our adrenaline pumping adventures using an action camera so that we need not use words to regale others with our previous exploits, as a video recording of the event will do the job just well. Well, how about capturing […]

Police Officers Could Get Wearable Cameras
Wearable cameras have become some sort of trend these days, especially when it comes to keeping track of one’s rough and tumble adventure. GoPro, a company that deals with tough wearable cameras, is said to be moving into the drone business, but I suppose they would do well to supply a police-friendly version of a camera. After all, there are plans to equip the entire Met Police officers with cameras […]

Apple Buys LinX To Build iPhones With DSLR-like Camera Quality
Apple is now working on improving its camera quality as the company is acquiring the Israeli camera technology firm, LinX. The acquisition deal will see Apple shelling out around $20 million, which isn’t much for a bid to control and improve the iPhone’s photo quality. The iPhone represents more than half Apple’s overall business.

Google Camera Takes On Amazon Rainforest At Ultra Fast Speeds
Google has certainly dipped its fingers in a wide range of industries, including the vision of a self-driving car, but this time around, the Internet search giant has ventured into a place where it is virtually impossible for a regular car to make a trek through – right at the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Basically, the folks over at Google have attached a Google camera on zipwire, and upon […]

Lumia Camera App Is The Default Camera App On Windows 10 Hardware
Just in case you were wondering, Windows 10 is the flavor of the day. This time around, we have more details on the Lumia Camera app, where it is touted to be the default camera app where Windows 10 hardware is concerned. You know, the Lumia Camera app which came as part of the recent Lumia Denim update, and being the default camera app across a slew of Windows 10 […]

Canon PowerShot SX530 HS Offers A Decent Shooting Experience
[CES 2015] What makes a good camera as opposed to the average point-and-shoot models that are in the market? Well, the Canon PowerShot SX530 HS will certainly want to offer you with the capability to shoot from a far – and I do not mean that you abuse this by trying to see what someone three blocks down is doing. Basically, the Canon PowerShot SX530 HS would boast of a […]

Netatmo Welcome Camera
Following in the footsteps of competitors Withings and Dropcam, Netatmo is launching Welcome at CES 2015, a smart home camera featuring face recognition. The surveillance device learns to recognize family members and is able to send their names to the user’s smartphone, when an unknown face appears, the application notifies the homeowner.

China Smartphone Has Weird Camera Form Factor
Just when you thought that both the Sony Xperia C3 as well as the HTC Desire EYE were rather unorthodox in their design for a camera, along comes the Doov Nike V1, which is one of those newfangled selfie phones, hailing from China which will feature a rather unorthodox camera setup. The Doov Nike V1 will make use of a hinge so that the user can flip the camera and […]

Bra-Cam Intends To Raise Awareness About Breast Cancer
Ladies, just how many times do you think your boobs get stared at each day? All right, perhaps you are not going to receive anything more than a second glance if you wear clothes that do not reveal anything at all, but if a little cleavage were to be revealed, the Bra Cam might just help you keep track. This unique camera will not discriminate against genders, as it will […]

Photos Compare The Cameras Of Every iPhone Apple Has Ever Made
According to a video we saw yesterday, it attempted to show the various speed improvements that Apple has made to their iPhones over the years and it was somewhat fascinating to watch, and also interesting to note that the oldest iPhone was not necessarily the slowest. So now that speed is out of the way, what about its camera?Well thanks to a post by Lisa Bettany, the cofounder of the […]

Lumia Rebrand Works Its Magic On Nokia Apps
It would make much sense for Microsoft, who having purchased the mobile division of Nokia, to actually do something about its purchase. Hence, it is not too much of a surprise to check out Microsoft Mobile replace the word (or brand) ‘Nokia’ in the Store with a more accurate ‘Lumia’ tag, targeting all of those specialized apps that users have come to be a whole lot familiar with.

Tap Tap Tap Updates Camera+ iOS App
The extremely popular iOS photography app that was known as Camera+ has been given a boost in the arm, thanks to an update that has rolled out recently. The most recent update would see the Camera+ app for iPhone and iPad arrive at version 5.2, where it will be able to keep users humming until there are other major updates arrive which will, fingers crossed, be able to to take […]

Sony α5100 Interchangeable Lens Camera Debuts
Are all digital cameras created equal? Not really, as Sony has just introduced the brand new Sony α5100 camera, which is a model that comes with pro-quality AF performance as well as image quality, all crammed into a single portable and lightweight package that travelers would have yearned for, for the longest time already.