Leica-0-Serie Nr.107

How much would you pay to get your hands on one of the rarest cameras in the world? Probably not as much as a private Asian collector who forked out $1.9 million (1.3 million EUR) for the Leica  0-Serie Nr.107 (1923). The camera has an estimated price of $501,200-$644,400 (350,000-450,000 EUR) and it started with an opening bid of $286,400 (200,000 EUR). The auction only took twenty minutes to find its buyer. And we thought the Hasselblad H4D-200MS was expensive.


Here’s a description of the camera in question:

This is the 7th camera of the Leica 0-series. Only approximately 25 of these cameras were produced to test the market in 1923, 2 years before the commercial introduction of the Leica A. It is the only camera known with “Germany” engraving on the top plate. The factory record indicates delivery to New York for patent applies. This means that this camera is not only one of the major existing rarities, it is also the first Leica being exported. It is the unique chance to buy the most important collectible Leica camera.

I guess some people are just willing to spend top dollar for anything. Here is a rundown of other Leica cameras that fetched some pretty high prices:

  • A chrome Leica MP2 + motor sold for $ 630,080 (440,000 EUR)
  • Leica M2 grey sold for $143,200 (100,000 EUR)
  • Leica M9 Titan prototype sold for $ 78,760 (55,000 EUR)

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