Are you an audiophile with, let’s say, $40,000 to spare? If you do perhaps you should move fast because these Mark Neumann Coliseum XLS speakers will be owned by only 12 other people, so if you’re looking to get into a very exclusive club, this ought to do the trick.

The speakers are designed to reproduce audio through its 360 degree disbursement capabilities, which was inspired by the grand piano, an instrument that is known for its unique music qualities. For those who are unfamiliar with Mark Neumann, it is a name that is well-known for creating hand-crafted consumer electronics, and the Coliseum XLS speakers are no exception.

Crafted out of wood, the speakers each measure 43.75-inches in height, 18-inches in width and has a depth of 22-inches. It is also fitted with a couple of 7-inch E7 reference drivers with high frequency tweeters on each channel, which resulted in an improvement of at least 20% in terms of sound quality over its preceding model, the Coliseum XL, but its these new features that have added an additional $12,000 to the price tag. It also comes with a bass system that features two 8-inch woofers and has a frequency range of 20Hz to 20,000Hz.

Pretty impressive specifications with a pretty impressive price tag to match.

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