Micron has just announced their new range of PCI Express (PCIe) solid-state storage systems, which is embodied in the form of the RealSSD P320h solid-state drive (SSD) series. The new RealSSD P320h series are capable of delivering extreme performance and endurance without compromise, and will target data-intensive enterprise applications such as cloud computing, high-performance computing, data analytics, business intelligence, and video on demand. Current PCIe systems will see the envelope pushed even more with the P320h series’ performance levels, where it will more than double the sequential read and write speeds compared to the nearest competitor, hitting a whopping 3GBs of sustained data throughput per second. 

What makes the P320h so special and speedy? Well, first of all, it comes with Micron’s proprietary redundant array of independent NAND (RAIN) management technology that ensures enterprise-class data protection through the replication of data across the NAND flash memory channels. In addition, the P320h drive will also be able to provide the necessary endurance levels as required by the enterprise class, where the 700GB drive can write 28TB of data every day for five years, now how about that?

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