So you love Junior Masterchef on the TV, and cannot sleep until you have caught the episode for the day? Well, apart from entertaining gastronomic shows to while your time away, there is also the next best thing – whipping up fancy looking dishes of your own for the family, and that would mean you will need a well equipped kitchen as well as the latest utensils to suit whatever you’re going to cook. The knife is one of the more basic kitchen utensils that every self respecting cook should have, and to make sure it remains sharp all the time is a responsibility not to be forgotten. Why not announce to the rest of your family that you have arrived as a chef by sharpening your tools in style? The Sharp Act Knife Sharpener could not underline your intent any better, and it throws in an element of showmanship to boot.

This unique knife sharpener will see the classic case of a woman being stuck in a block as a magician (some say illusionist) prepares to “saw” said lady in two.  At $11.95, this should be in the arsenal of every laugh loving cook.

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