Trust the Japanese to come up with something strange and quirky – and the latest device to capture the imagination of the working Japanese salaryman would be this pair of air conditioned shoes. What the heck? Yeah, after all, I am quite sure it would go down well with the USB-powered necktie clip cooler.


The Hydro-Tech men’s shoes appeared in the “best seller” section of a prominent Tokyo shoe shop, where it sported the slogan, “My energy saving starts from my feet!” Hopefully this means your socks won’t stink any more, since your feet won’t sweat if it were to be kept cool. Known as the Cool Breeze shoes, they are touted to help your feet remain dry all day long, especially during those humid summers that Japan is famous for.

It does not have an air conditioner running per se, but rather, will rely on new filter technology which releases heat and humidity inside while ensuring air flows inwards to keep feet feeling “refreshed and clean”.

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