If you’re in the mood for something silly and frivolous, then we have to ask, will a USB-powered necktie clip cooler do the trick? If yes, then perhaps you might be interested in checking out Thanko’s latest offering which is the USB-powered necktie clip cooler, and is available from their website (unfortunately only limited to those living in Japan) for $35.

We’re guessing that wearing ties can be somewhat of a suffocating affair, especially if you don’t wear them often. Not to mention summer in Japan is coming up, which means there’ll be plenty of businessmen (or salary men as they’re known in Japan) walking around in the heat, all suited up.

Perhaps Thanko has realized that this might prove to be rather uncomfortable for them and that’s why they created the necktie clip cooler. It can be powered by either USB or a battery unit and it clips to your tie, with the fan facing inwards towards you. Judging by its looks, it appears that they might have taken a computer fan and modified it to make it wearable, but hey it’s a great novelty item, with Thanko claiming it will be able to send the hot air out of your shirt and if you choose, it can even be used to cool your tea down.

I suppose the good thing about it is that no one will be the wiser and the tie clip looks very nondescript, although during meetings you might be asked where that whirring noise is coming from.

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