The humble mouse might have come a long way in terms of design, but has it actually evolved all that much where functionality is concerned? Sure, you have wireless models and the trackball has gone the way of the dodo, but basically, the function is still the same. Some might argue that you don’t go around reinventing the wheel, and the mouse might just be the “wheel” of peripherals, but what if Canon took your regular mouse and introduced an integrated calculator?

This is exactly what Canon did with the X Mark I Mouse, having announced it for a US release. This is a combination device that will feature a physical 10-digit button numeric keypad that connects via Bluetooth 2.0, making it the ideal notebook companion.

This hybrid input device will also see a trio of mouse buttons and laser tracking capability. It will retail for $60 when it arrives next month – which frankly, is not too far away. Color choices are rather limited though with just black and white, so I would opt for the former since you don’t see the dirt build up that fast.

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