Cideko has just released their Air Keyboard Chatting device that will bring a whole new level of convergence to your desktop, or wherever else you decide to do your work. How so, you ask? Well, how about integrating a compact wireless keyboard, gyro mouse, earbuds and a microphone for starters? This setup basically allows you to chat with your mates without missing a beat, changing channels on your TV or perhaps operate a PC from a different room.

There is up to 10 hours of battery life in this puppy – and that even when it is with constant, heavy duty use. With an effective working range of up to 30 meters, the lightweight Air Keyboard Chatting will deliver 3D motion sensing simply by waving it in the air. PS3 owners take note – you can even use it on your console for browsing and chatting needs. 

Even better news is, folks running on Windows 98 (yeah, all 10 of you out there) will still be able to use the Air Keyboard Chatting since relevant drivers have been provided for that legacy operating system. Expect the Air Keyboard Chatting to retail for $99.99 a pop. Don’t be mistaken – this is clearly different from a somewhat similar device that we looked at late yesterday.

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