Convergence technology has crept up upon us for quite some time already, and we have seen just how phones used to see action only when you made or receive calls, followed by text messaging being introduced. Once color displays became the norm, a built-in camera (that has an ever increasing megapixel count by the year) proved to be quite the hit in all phone models, and now, our phones have become so smart that they would put the first generation of Intel Pentium processors to shame with their capability and potential. Well, the computer keyboard has not exactly moved along the same evolutionary path – although it has gained wireless capability after some time. More on it in the extended post.

What you see above, however, is something that travelers might just fall in love with. This credit card-sized wireless keyboard from China is said to double up as a mouse, although without any additional images, we can’t tell where the sensor is – probably on the back part of it. There is also an alleged touchpad function which we can’t find either with our eyes, and to top it all off, it has a laser pointer function for a snazzy presentation, alongside remote control capability. Hopefully with all those features, the battery in this puppy can last you through your million dollar presentation!

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