I will not be too surprised that sometime in the future, even something virtual such as an invite might be sold online for a price – as long as there is a willing buyer and seller scenario, of course. Well, that day is not now, even when Google Music Beta has extended a couple of invitations for each account. Those who make frivolous choices probably won’t mind who they send their invites to, but as for folks who find it difficult to make a decision, they might just mull over the two ‘perfect’ people to hand over the invite, and eventually not doing anything about it just as the saying goes, “Analyze, analyze, paralyzed.”


Expect those who are interested to leave a statement asking for a request ala Google+ in the past few weeks, and for those who can’t wait, you might even be fortunate
enough to find one of these invites somewhere online. Those who have already experienced this service, how do you find it so far?

As for folks who already own a Google Music Beta account, you ought to be able to see the invitation link that is located on the orange bar, right under the Music Beta logo whenever you use a web browser to log into your account.

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