IDEA Dynamic Headphones are sleek and retro

Looking for a pair of headphones that are sleek while still maintaining a somewhat retro look? If you are in the market for such a pair of headphones, then perhaps IDEA’s Dynamic Headphones could be just the product you were searching for.

If you’re wondering why the headphones look somewhat familiar, perhaps they remind you of the headsets that were used back in the 70’s or 80’s, or perhaps you might have seen the Ashidavox ST-90, which looks more or less alike to the Dynamic Headphones. In fact, IDEA has teamed up with Ashidavox, one of Japan’s oldest audio companies, to produce the Dynamic Headphones. So while retaining the retro look of the ST-90, the internals are completely different and have been reworked to provide better sound and comfort.

Delivering a frequency range of 25-18,000Hz, the resulting sound is supposed to be well-balanced and keeps true to the original source, so for audiophiles in the market for headphones that give more bass/mids/highs will have to look somewhere else. The headphone cups also use a low-rebound urethane which is said to make long hours of using the headphones a more comfortable experience. The cord which is 1m in length is also fitted with an elbow plug for better durability and is more compact when using together with an iPod or iPhone.

Style and durability however will not come cheap, with the Dynamic Headphones featuring an asking price of $140. While it’s not overly expensive, but we wouldn’t exactly call it budget-friendly either, so perhaps it’s aimed at the more discerning user in mind.

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