EOBOT watchIf you’re a fan of retro sci-fi and you’ve been looking for a watch to show your love for the genre, the EOBOT watch on Tokyoflash might be right up your alley. Designed by a classic sci-fi fan, Llyod from Australia, it features a retro-looking robot complete with colorful LEDs arranged in an interesting sequence that requires some deciphering to tell the time (just like any other fancy custom watch).

The red robot “eye” blinks to resemble the swinging motion of the pendulum, telling you each second that passes, while the bottom grid of lights tell you the time in 24-hours or the current date. Unfortunately that’s all the watch is limited to, but hey – we’ve got our smartphones to do everything else for us right? The watch is currently in its concept stage right now, but you can head over to Tokyoflash to vote for it, or just find out more about how to read the time on it.

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