internet-archiveHave you heard of the Internet Archive before? The Internet Archive happens to be a non-profit organization that is most famous for creating back ups of web pages, and this time around, they might have struck a nerve – in a good way, of course, having uploaded a venerable collection of video games that hail all the way from the 1970s to the 1990s. Just how many titles are there that we are talking about here? 900 – count ‘em, 900! This is amazing, and all of them happen to be playable directly on your web browser, without requiring you to invest quarter after quarter as you let those old muscles and reflexes rediscover their childhood capabilities – or not, and neither do you need to continue going to the bank to exchange your crisp bills for more quarters.

Known as the Internet Arcade, this particular collection would boast a bevy of familiar titles including the likes of Astro Invader and Pac Man, not to mention having it carry some other lesser known titles from the two decades mentioned above. Majority of them also come with detailed background histories as well as the relevant links that allow you to play right there and then in the comfort of your own home – or office, much to the chagrin of your superior, of course.

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