nPower PEG orders being takenUsable energy is not something that is easily available, so the trick is to harness it in the most efficient manner possible. Well, Tremont Electric has big ideas for that as they have opened up orders for their kinetic energy charger known as the nPower PEG (personal energy generator). Coming in a cylinder form factor, it is roughly double the length of most smart phones, and will retail for $159 a pop as it comes online for sale in a month at best, two at worst.

This motion-powered portable charger will target those who tend to be on the move, but do not have consistent access to a power outlet. Tipping the scales at a mere 11 ounces, it is capable of generating enough juice to power an iPod nano, so 26 minutes of walking is said to be sufficient to help a 3G smartphone work for another minute as you yak away. 

We suspect that this isn’t going to be a mainstream hit – asking Americans to walk more is a hard enough task as it is already, so an incentive like storing extra juice for your gadgets while moving might be pushing the envelope.

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