Pharmacy Spam Disguised As Google+ InviteAre you looking to get into Google+? If you are, you’re not alone as Google’s new social networking site has been quite the hot topic the past couple of days. Invites are hard to come by and you would need to know someone with an invite before you will be able to get one yourself. While we can’t be certain as to what the impact of Google+ will have on other popular social networking sites such as Facebook, we do know that people are at the very least curious on what Google+ has to offer.

Scammers have managed to catch on to the fact that Google+ is quite a huge deal, which is why there have been alerts of spam emails that make use of the Google+ name in order to promote pharmaceutical products from dodgy websites. The spam emails are said to look very similar to the invites that are being sent out, so if you happen to chance upon an invite, we suggest double checking with the person who the email claims to be from. If not, clicking on the link will take you to a pharmacy website who will attempt to sell you Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

We also can’t promise that those sites won’t try to install spyware on your computer too, and send out spam emails in your name to your unsuspecting friends in the process.

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