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Texas School District Lost $2.3 Million In A Phishing Email Scam
Whenever we publish a security-focused article or news, it probably involves a warning to a phishing scam one way or another.However, this time, it is the Manor Independent School District that was a victim to an email phishing scam which resulted in the loss of approximately $2.3 million.Even though the Manor Police Department along with the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) is investigating the incident, it looks quite bad.They do […]

LastPass Users Need To Keep An Eye Out For Phishing Attacks
Many people tend to use password managers since they have to login to so many different sites on the internet and it can be a chore to remember different passwords for different services unless you have the unhealthy habit of using one password for all of your online accounts. LastPass happens to be a popular password manager and a security researcher is now warning that those who use it should […]

Microsoft Windows Update phishing alert
For those of you who eat, live and breathe the Internet, do be aware that the next time your email inbox receives an email from, do not pass go, do not collect $200, do nothing other than delete that email. Chances are very high you would have then avoided the efforts of a phishing scam which was specially designed to steal Gmail, Yahoo, Windows Live and AOL passwords, at […]

Google, PayPal, Facebook and Microsoft team up to eliminate phishing
Email phishing is a pretty common scam that catches quite a lot of folks who don’t know better when it comes to telling if an email is fake or not. In case you’re wondering what email phishing is, it basically is a scam where people send out emails posing as official companies/sites requesting for your personal information and account details. People who fall into the trap end up giving away […]


New phishing scam targets Apple users
If you own an AppleID account, be sure to look out for a well-crafted phishing scam that’s been going over the past week. The phishing emails were reported to have been sent out on or around Christmas day, and attempts to fool people into giving away their AppleID billing information. The email carries a sender’s address of “” and informs recipients that their billing information records are out of date.Users […]

Lady Gaga Facebook and Twitter accounts hacked, fans phished
It has been reported that Lady Gaga, one of the most popular pop stars of this generation, had her Facebook and Twitter account hacked. The hackers then used her account to send messages to all her fans – inviting them to submit their details to win free iPad 2 tablets. Here’s what one of the Tweets said:

Xbox Live users target of phishing scam
“Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.” I guess plenty of people fall under the first category each and every single minute with the number of phishing scams and e-mails that are sent to inboxes worldwide, and if you are an Xbox Live user, then might we caution you to be on extra alert as some folks have already been scammed by a fake email. […]

Twitter phishing scam pretends to be concerned about you
A new Twitter phishing scam has been on the rise recently, and this time it takes the form of a direct message from hijacked accounts sending out concerned messages to its followers. The messages are something along the lines of: “I saw a real bad blog about you, you seen this?” with a shortened URL for you to click on. Clicking on it won’t do anything nasty right away, but […]

Diablo 3 beta invitation email phishing scam
Yes, the closed beta for Diablo 3 has started, and it’s no secret that everybody is interested in getting an invite. Well, some scammers have decided to use the Diablo 3 hype as an opportunity to phish for some account details of users. An email has been circulating around from a spoofed email address of with a message about the recipient being selected for the Diablo 3 beta […]

MobileMe/iCloud phishing scam on the rise again
Apple announced its intentions to replace MobileMe with iCloud earlier this year at the WWDC 2011, and not long after that, phishing scams taking advantage of this update started to rise. While it wasn’t so huge back then, it looks like those phishing scams have started to rise again, according to a report from MacRumors.

Hotmail to roll out new features to combat spam and account hacking
You have probably received weird sounding emails from your friends before, and for those who us who are more suspicious in nature, we think “spam” and don’t bother opening it. Spam and account hacking is not new when it comes to public hosted emails from Hotmail, Yahoo and even Gmail has not been exempt from said malicious activities. This is probably due to the clicking of links with misleading titles […]

Pharmacy Spam Disguised As Google+ Invite
Are you looking to get into Google+? If you are, you’re not alone as Google’s new social networking site has been quite the hot topic the past couple of days. Invites are hard to come by and you would need to know someone with an invite before you will be able to get one yourself. While we can’t be certain as to what the impact of Google+ will have on […]

Skype Vishing: a new form of phishing on the rise
AVG has just issued new warning to all Skype users, informing them about the recent rise in Vishing attacks. In case you were wondering what “Vishing” was (don’t worry, I was too before I read the warning), it is a new form of attack that’s been plaguing users of the popular VoIP service. It is basically a voice variation of the common phishing scam.

PayPal hit by phishing attack
PayPal has just been hit by a sophisticated phishing attack, according to the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT). In case you didn’t know what phishing is, it is the act of duping people into giving out private information like usernames, passwords and credit card numbers by fake websites that look almost like the legitimate websites they imitate. The attack, which targeted the Bank of America, Lloyds and TSB was […]