Have you ever gone to a new city or is there a bar/club that you’ve been meaning to check out, but you’re worried that the bar/club will empty, or overpopulated by a certain gender? For example if ladies want to avoid getting hit on all night, they may want to steer clear of a bar that is filled with more men than women, and guys looking to meet women might be more interested in hitting up a bar/club that has more women than men. Enter SceneTap, an app for iOS and Android that will be able to provide a variety of information to the user even before they get off the couch.

Through the use of cameras and “facial detection” software, SceneTap claims that information such as male to female ratio can be roughly calculated, along with the average age group and even the total number of patrons. The other usual features that can be expected from an app like that include things like the bar’s menu, deals, reviews, searches, and etc.

If you’re worried about having your picture taken, not to worry as SceneTap claims that the data they collect is completely anonymous, although given all the hacking that has been occurring lately, web security (or the lack of) is starting to become a bit worrisome. However if privacy isn’t that big of an issue to you, SceneTap may prove to be a pretty fun and handy app to help you make your decision on where to go on a Saturday night.

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