With all the hype about solar power and going green these days, one of the ways we can help to reduce our carbon footprint is by reducing the amount of electricity we consume. Of course if your electricity is generated through the use of wind turbines or hydro power, then perhaps this may not really apply to you, but for the rest of us, our electricity is typically generated by burning coal or even in some cases, through the use nuclear power plants.

Perhaps in a bid to do their part in conserving our natural resources and reducing their carbon footprint, Toshiba has released an Android app on the Japanese Android Market for their Regza TV’s and video recorders which is said to help those devices be more energy efficient and allow users to reduce the amount of power they consume during the summer in Japan, which we’re guessing will be used to power air conditioners on especially hot days.

The app will display past, present and future estimations of power that has been consumed in your area and alert you when the consumption is too high. You will then have the option of either completely switching off your television/recorder or choose a different level of power-saving instead.

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