Want to be one of a kind and stand out from your peers, and yet do not have the dough to back up such a lifestyle? Money doesn’t always solve everything you know, but owning a collection of Pateks, Rolexes and Tags would mean one thing – you love watches, and wait, two things actually – you have plenty of money. What happens when you have a great love for timepieces but do not have the dough to live it up? RED5.co.uk has the answer for you with their fully customizable (via online) watch, the Vibe Watch.

It really is an all-season watch, since you can always opt for this season’s color trends, and purchasing a different one for the next season, et al. Comprising of four interchangeable and interlocking colored elements, it costs a mere £29.95 to come up with your very own personal watch. What are the odds of someone else having the same watch as you? 1 in 80,000, I suppose.

Comprising of a Strap, Bezel, Face and Case, all of them will click together without missing a beat. RED5 won’t piece together the watch for you, but rather, your watch choice will arrive in your mail in parts, and you will need to assemble it yourself. Good luck to you if you are of two minds always, taking forever to pick and choose colors for your next wardrobe purchase.

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