rufus-cuffThe smartwatch happens to be all the rage these days, and you can be sure that Apple’s own iteration, which is simply known as the Apple Watch, has already been touted to hit the 1 million mark when it comes to the number of pre-orders, so much so that Samsung too, has set up a special team to handle Apple’s display needs. Are there any other decent alternatives in the market in which ordinary folks can look forward to? Perhaps, as with the Rufus Cuff that is now available for pre-order.

Rufus Labs’ effort, the Rufus Cuff, has been touted to be the world’s first wrist communicator, and it will be available for both the iOS and Android-based devices. Of course, we did talk about the Rufus Cuff close to a year ago, where it was still a crowdfunding project, and boy are we glad to say that it has since met its fundraising goals, and then some.

The Rufus Cuff will hook up over Bluetooth, and it can also play nice as a standalone device thanks to built-in WiFi support. Other practical consumer applications include hands-free audio and video, voice control and a full keyboard for messaging, among others. Would you be interested in placing a pre-order for yourself?

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