We have followed Awake since the company introduced good-looking watches made of recycled ocean plastic. However, its new Mission To Earth special edition (250 units) pushes the concept to the (luxury) limits and demonstrates it is possible to build a classy, high-end watch with recycled materials.

For instance, the watch’s body is made of 70% recycled Titanium, a material that is quite rare on the planet. I’ve used Titanium watches before, and they feel different than stainless steel, both for their tactile sensation against the skin and their light weight.

The watch is full of space milestone references. Inside, the Miyota oscillating weight is engraved with “Dare Mighty Things,” a reference to the Mars rover “Perseverance” landing parachute. The bracelet is designed to resemble the texture of astronaut suits. When you look at the watch, the dial assembly is reminiscent of the La Cupola observation window of the International Space Station (ISS).

At night, the Super-Luminova non-radioactive and non-toxic photoluminescent ensures you can read the time clearly, even in total darkness. This choice sure sounds better than radioactive Radium or Tritium alternatives.

The sapphire glass has an embedded ID GLASS NFC technology paired with Blockchain to identify each watch uniquely.

The cherry on the cake is that each box comes with “an authentic certified meteorite fragment from the asteroid VESTA,” a Billion-year old meteorite that crashed into Tataouine in Tunisia (the city which inspired Tatooine in Star Wars, which was partially filmed in Tunisia)

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