Windows Explorer and Live Photo Gallery now supports raw format images

Raw image viewerCamera enthusiasts that use Microsoft’s Windows Live Photo Gallery will be glad to know that the service now supports the viewing of raw image files. Users now won’t have to deal with the troublesome process of converting all their raw images into JPEG files before uploading them to the web photo sharing service.

All users have to do is download the Microsoft Camera Codec Pack for Windows 7 or Windows Vista to get raw photo support in Windows Explorer for over 120 DSLR cameras. They can then upload the raw images onto the Windows Live Photo Gallery without any trouble. Photo Gallery also allows the editing of your raw images, but won’t overwrite the originals – instead, it creates a copy of the picture in JPEG or JPEG-XR (or HD Photo) format for you to modify. Watch the video for more details:

Read about support and windows 7. Filed in Photo-Video. Seen at: windowsteamblog

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