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There’s A New Windows Update That You’ll Want To Install Right Now
If you are running Windows 10 or even an older build like Windows 7, there is a new update that Microsoft has issued that you’ll want to install right now. This is because this update will patch a vulnerability known as PrintNightmare that when exploited, would allow hackers to install programs on their computers, delete data, create user accounts with full access, and more.

Weird Bug Is Preventing Windows 7 Computers From Shutting Down
Having a computer that cannot turn on isn’t exactly a new problem and is an issue that many computer owners face from time to time. There are a variety of reasons why this might happen. However, to hear that a computer cannot shut down, that isn’t quite a common problem, but it is one faced by Windows 7 users at the moment.

Microsoft Suggests 400 Million Users To Get A New PC
Microsoft’s Windows 7 support ended this month (January 14th). However, there were still a lot of users (almost 400 million as per the market share) using Windows 7.They might have already upgraded to Windows 10 or could have switched to Windows-like Linux distributions. We cannot be too sure about it – but considering the numbers of Windows 7 users, it is a big deal.However, right around the same time, MSPoweruser […]

Microsoft Has Officially Ended Support For Windows 7
Microsoft’s Windows 7 platform was launched more than a decade ago, and since then, it has been succeeded by the likes of Windows 8 and Windows 10, the latter of which is the latest operating system. As such, it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that Microsoft has officially ended support for Windows 7.


Microsoft's Internet Card And Board Games Shutting Down
Microsoft has decided that it’s time to sunset its internet board and card games. This can be taken as yet another nudge by the company for users of older Windows versions to upgrade or get left behind. It’s shutting down several of its Internet Games for users on Windows 7 or earlier.

Voting Machines In Many U.S. Counties Run On Outdated Software
After the previous presidential election and the controversy thereafter, several states had said that they would upgrade their voting machines to eliminate security concerns. However, a report from the Associated Press reveals that while counties across the country have acquired new equipment, the bulk of these machines are running on outdated software which remains vulnerable to attacks from hackers.

Microsoft Is Actively Reminding Windows 7 Users That Support Is Ending
Right now Windows 10 is Microsoft’s latest operating system, but we imagine that there are probably quite a number of users out there who might still be on older platforms, such as Windows 7 or Windows 8. For those who are still using Windows 7, Microsoft is now starting to remind users that it’s time to upgrade.

Microsoft To Send Notifications For Windows 7 End Of Support
Microsoft has already confirmed that it’s going to end support for Windows 7 on January 14th, 2020. The company is now planning to push notifications to users who are still running this version of the operating system to inform them about the impending end of support. It will begin notifying users about the cutoff date starting next month.

Microsoft Yet To Issue Patch For Windows 7 Exploit Reported By Google
Google regularly reports serious vulnerabilities that it discovers across different platforms. It recently reported two zero-day vulnerabilities, those that were previously unknown publicly, one affecting its Chrome browser and the other affecting Windows 7. The company mentioned that both of them were being exploited together. Google has released an update for Chrome to patch the exploit but Microsoft is yet to send out an update.

Windows 10 Market Share Finally Beats Windows 7
Windows 7 has for long been the most popular iteration of Microsoft’s desktop operating system. That has now changed about a year before the company officially drops support for this iteration. Windows 10 has now become the most popular version of Microsoft’s operating system in the world. It has taken this version three and a half years to establish a lead over the dominant iteration.

Microsoft Will Support Windows 7 Until 2023, If You Pay For It
Windows 10 is Microsoft’s latest operating system, but given that the upgrade to Windows 8 did not exactly go according to plan, it’s not surprising that there might be some who are apprehensive about making the jump from Windows 7 to Windows 10. If you are a Windows 7 user who has yet to upgrade, you have until 2023 to decide.

Windows 7 Support Dropped For Some Pentium 3 PCs
Microsoft has previously confirmed that Windows 7 is not going to reach end of life until 2020 which means that most users who are still running this operating system have almost a couple of years before they absolutely must upgrade from Windows 7. However, some users with machines that have Pentium 3 processors are now finding out that Microsoft is seemingly dropping Windows 7 support for their PCs.

Microsoft No Longer Selling Windows 7 And Windows 8.1 To PC Makers
While Microsoft is going to support Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 for some time now, the company has decided to no longer sell these iterations of its operating system to PC makers. What this means is that the company is now pushing them to make PCs that run Windows 10 by default. It makes sense since Windows 10 is the latest and greatest iteration of Microsoft’s operating system and the […]

Windows 10 PC Market Share Reaches 21 Percent
Microsoft has been trying very hard to get Windows 10 running on as many PCs as possible. Some might say that it’s trying too hard and that’s why it has been sued by people who are not happy about its update antics. That being said, Windows 10 has made considerable progress in the one full year that it has been out. Latest data from Net Applications shows that Windows 10 […]

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Release Date Is August 2nd
A couple of months ago Microsoft confirmed what its first major update for Windows 10 is going to be called, it said the Windows 10 Anniversary Update would be released this summer. The company is yet to confirm an official release date but it appears to have inadvertently confirmed it through a blog post which said in its title that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update release date is August 2nd.

Windows 7 On Android Wear Boots, Takes Forever
Now here is something that you definitely do not see happen every single day – that is, having a version of Windows boot up on a foreign platform such as Android. However, that is the case with this Android Wear smartwatch that has been tweaked so that it will be able to boot up Windows 7, now how about that? After all, if Windows 95 has been installed on the […]

Microsoft Will Charge $119 For Windows 10 Upgrades From July
It doesn’t feel like it but it has almost been a year since Microsoft released Windows 10. Microsoft provided Windows 10 as a free upgrade for all those who were running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, provided that they upgraded within one year of the release which took place on July 29th last year. Microsoft is now reminding that starting July 30th it’s going to charge $119 for Windows 10 […]

Microsoft Revises Support Policy For Skylake Devices
Earlier this year in January, Microsoft outlined a support plan for devices powered by Intel Skylake processors. The plan was aggressive, particularly for enterprise customers, with many taking the company’s “recommendation” as a push towards Windows 10. It said back then that next-gen processors from the likes of AMD and Intel, even Skylake, will not have support for any version of Windows other than Windows 10 with the exception of […]

Xbox One Wireless Controller Adapter Now Supported By Windows 7
It wasn’t too long ago that Microsoft launched the wireless adapter for the Xbox One controller for the PC. For those who are unfamiliar with the dongle, basically this allows users to use the wireless Xbox One controller with their PC, as opposed to having to rely on a tethered connected.However at launch it seemed that Microsoft was intent on promoting Windows 10, so much so that support for the […]

Windows Test Update Published
We do know that we are supposed to keep our machines updated as far as possible, although there are cases of botched updates in the past, this does not mean that we avoid them altogether, as essential security patches and fixes do play a role, too. In fact, many Windows 7 users were left with this niggling suspicion as a patch appeared in Windows Update that looked so unusual, the […]