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Windows 8 to feature native support for ISO and VHD files
Great news for folks who work with a lot of ISO and VHD files – according to the latest blog post on the official Windows 8 blog – the next version of Windows will have native support for the aforementioned files. Without the usage of any third party programs, users will be able to mount ISO files and access the files on the virtual disc. For those not in the […]

HP will continue supporting the TouchPad
We all know that HP won’t be making additional webOS devices in the future – but that doesn’t mean that the TouchPad is dead. In fact, it’s far from it. According to a report by CNET – HP has been reported as saying “HP is fully committed to the ongoing support and service of customers who purchased webOS devices…We plan to continue to investigate the best ways to leverage WebOS […]

Windows Explorer and Live Photo Gallery now supports raw format images
Camera enthusiasts that use Microsoft’s Windows Live Photo Gallery will be glad to know that the service now supports the viewing of raw image files. Users now won’t have to deal with the troublesome process of converting all their raw images into JPEG files before uploading them to the web photo sharing service.

Microsoft kills Windows Vista SP1 support
After announcing the imminent death of Windows XP, it looks like Microsoft is continuing its efforts to push consumers to use the latest version of its operating system – Windows 7. The company has announced on its official blog that as of July 12th, Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is no longer supported. While support for Windows Vista is still around, users will have to upgrade their operating systems to […]


Many big names support of proposed AT&T-T-Mobile merger
While some companies, such as Sprint, have expressed their concerns over AT&T’s plans to takeover T-Mobile; it has been recently made known that a number of big names in the industry are for the move. In a letter that was filed today in support of AT&T’s proposed conquest of T-Mobile, Facebook and Microsoft (and other companies) have been revealed to be supporters of the merger.Their reasons for backing the deal? […]

Wordpress ends support for Internet Explorer 6
Microsoft has recently congratulated Automattic, the creators of WordPress (one of the most popular blogging platforms around) for their decision to no longer support Internet Explorer 6. You might be thinking – “What sort of madness is this? For a company to applaud another company for choosing not to support their software?”Well in case you didn’t know, earlier last month, Microsoft launched a new campaign to rid the world of […]

Apple offers free repairs for products damaged in the Japan disasters
Even though it’s been awhile since the Japan disasters, efforts to help out the country and to improve its citizens’ lives haven’t ceased. Folks still need their homes repaired, equipment fixed and or replaced. While most companies are involved by having fundraising events where the money made is sent to the Red Cross society, Apple is taking a different approach to the situation.Instead of just offering money like any other […]

Android 3.1 now plays FLAC audio natively
Audiophiles with Android phones rejoice – with the latest version of Android (3.1 Honeycomb), the file format you’ve been waiting for is finally here. According to the Core Media Formats in Android page on the Android developers’ website, FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files are now supported natively on the operating system. This means that you don’t have to download a third party program or load up a custom ROM […]

Microsoft counting down the days until Windows XP dies
Microsoft seems to be in the habit of wanting to kill off their old products these days. Last month the Redmond giants started a countdown page for Internet Explorer 6 – showing the percentage of IE6 usage all around the world and letting the world know about their mission of reducing those numbers to zero.Now, Microsoft has just launched a new countdown – this time in the form of a […]

Mozilla Firefox Aurora and Beta will support add-ons
Mozilla has announced some news that will make a lot of early adopters of their Firefox web browser happy people. They have announced that future versions of the browser available on the Aurora and Beta channels will be able to work with add-ons. Previously, users who wanted to test out the latest versions of Firefox had to forsake all their favorite add-ons when using a test version of the browser. […]

Microsoft: Zune's not dead
Yesterday we wrote about a report stating the death of the Zune music player. Turns out it was just a rumor, and Zune is here to stay. According to an announcement from Dave McLauchlan, head of business development for the Zune platform, Zune isn’t going anywhere. While it’s true that they haven’t announced a new Zune player for quite some time now, they’ve decided to focus on pushing out the […]

D-Link Boxee Box now supports Netflix and VUDU
If you’re a Netflix or VUDU subscriber as well as a Boxee Box owner, you’ll be delighted to know that the set top box from D-Link now supports both favorite video streaming services: Netflix and VUDU. One of the most requested features of the Boxee Box is finally here at no additional cost (besides your $7.99/month Netflix or $2/2 nights VUDU subscription of course). All you need to do is […]

Next Windows Home Server To Offer Mac Support
Is Microsoft getting serious about Mac customers? After launching its own PC vs Mac comparison site, the software giant has now released an updated version of its Windows Home Server (codenamed Vail) which is used in networked storage appliances such as the HP MediaSmart Server. The new version supports Mac computers natively. In the past, it was up to vendors like HP to add stuff like Mac support and Mac-based […]

HTC EVO 4G User Manual Available On Sprint Support Site
Sprint’s highly anticipated HTC EVO 4G WiMAX phone is just a day away, and if the video commercial didn’t whet your appetite enough, the user manual has now surfaced on Sprint’s support site for your viewing pleasure, giving you instructions on how to use your upcoming device. Of course, you’ll probably get a physical copy of the user manual when you pick up your HTC EVO 4G on June 4th, […]