Being a fan of vintage phones from 1990’s, Instructables user apple_fan decided to take a vintage phone and give it a modern twist, merging technology from the past with technology from the present by hooking it up to the Android-based Archos 28 tablet.

Basically what he did what he did was hollow out the phone and it became a shell for which he connect the Archos 28 tablet to an IOIO board, which in turn allowed him to interface it with his Android phone (rather ironic given his handle, unless he was referring to the actual fruit).

He also swapped out the outdated microphone and speaker for more modern components along with a brand new ringer actuator. Based on the photo alone you would never have guessed that there’s actually an Android tablet hidden in it. He then installed CMU Sphinx which allowed him to place and receive calls on the Archos 28 tablet through the use of voice recognition as demonstrated on the video below.

For more information and photos, head on down to apple_fan’s Instructables page.

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