vivaldi-tablet-deadIt was a couple of years ago that a bunch of developers decided to work with the KDE team in order to introduce to the masses a tablet that is based on open source software. Known as the Spark, this particular tablet was then renamed some time after that as the Vivaldi. Thing is, the Vivaldi tablet apparently received a major hardware overhaul one year after that renaming session, and has not quite managed to make its way to the market. Word has it that the Vivaldi might be dead, just as its sibling, which happens to be the Improv modular ARM-based computer that was announced in November last year.

The Improv board as well as the Vivaldi tablet were originally designed to function as open devices that will play nice with free software, with the point behind their development being creating relatively affordable and accessible devices which will not require users to make use of proprietary, closed-source software that hail from the likes of Google and Microsoft among others.

Well, I guess users who would want an open source tablet will have to play the patience card and see if anyone else would be willing to embark on such a “mission”.

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