Let’s face it, opening a brand new tube of toothpaste is such a great feeling because you can squeeze gently or hard, but either way toothpaste comes out of the tube, but when you reach the end of the tube, that’s when all the squeezing and wringing will net you a sad little drop.

There have been several innovations and devices that will help you to squeeze those last few drops of toothpaste out, but if you want it done in style, perhaps this chrome-plated toothpaste squeezer might be something worth checking out.

Called the Cedes Toothpaste Squeezer, it’s apparently handmade and can support toothpaste from larger tubes and is made in Italy. Unfortunately for such a fine piece of art it will cost you, so you’re going to have to decide if squeezing out the last few drops from your toothpaste tube is worth $300. If you’ve somehow managed to calculate how many years of squeezing and saving those last few drops will allow you to break even, and you still think it’s a worthwhile investment, just head on down to Park & Bond’s website and place your order today.

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